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You're not alone - Tyco's reputation was irreparably destroyed by the finicky locos they sold from the mid-70's onward.
Though it's taken me far too long to polish the draft I began (two friggin' years ago), I've finally completed a COMPREHENSIVE repair guide for Tyco trains and locomotives outfitted with the infamous "Power Torque" drive system!
It's all presented in a thorough, straightforward guide from start to finish - like a Chilton's Manual for guys who play with trains. Use one of those compressed air cans to blow things out, along with a brush to help break things free and clear the motor of debris. But, if the motor IS turning and the wheels aren't, it's not worth the trouble, as shaygetz noted.
If it were not for Tyco and the lowest level Life Like made when I was a kid I would not be in this hobby.
I love them myself and cringe at the thought that I've defaced a couple with weathering and Kadee couplers over the years.
The set included TYCO's Operating Crossing Gate, a 36" x 45" oval of track, and a power pack. That is a pretty cool mining train, Mustangs.Anyway, my AOTW is yet another IHC mini things pack. Nice mining train and portrait!I received a pack of those little plastic crossings years ago. OK, so many of us remember TYCO's HO trains being seen as low-end and toy-like since the 1970s. First off, starting around 1988, they began to move production of their stuff from Hong Kong to Yugoslavia. Yet in this case, the actual locomotive was Mehano's own Alco Century 430 in the Santa Fe Warbonnet colors, and the rolling stock was also actually the Yugoslavian substitutes.

While the front showed TYCO's Shark Nose diesel, the actual set came with either a Mehano F9 or FA painted in the Rock Island colors. Curiously, while the locomotive and tender, "chugging" boxcar and caboose are indeed Yugoslavian-made, the Railbox car, wood pulp car and Texaco tank car are actually bona-fide Hong Kong-made TYCO cars! By this point, this was also the only way you could get the TYCO Pipe Loader, Log Dump car, and bi-level auto carrier car. Many of the Pola building kits TYCO sold were still available at this time, including some of the Center St.
Pretty interesting stuff, from what was once such a well-known company in manufacturing HO-scale trains.
Railroad's early diesel paint was dubbed The Midnight Special for TYCO's 50th Anniversary in 1976. I just saw a Proto 2K BL-2 in Monon colors start at under 10 bucks, but it flew out of sight as the price climbed with shipping costs. Does it squeal like a pig, stutter like a drunkard, or just sit there and buzz like a child sticking out her tongue? Train sets began to come with Mehano-produced locomotives and rolling stock, the latter painted to look like their TYCO equivalents.
Instead of a single-powered truck motor like TYCO's own locomotives, this Alco 430 instead had a can motor with eight-wheel drive, and it was pretty much the same model AHM, IHC and Model Power offered. This was interesting, as TYCO never offered figures like Bachmann, Life-Like and Model Power did (though some came attached to their lighted buildings).
Some other companies have also offered this type of engine, like AHM, Rivarossi, IHC (in their "Premier" line), and even Life-Like! Sometimes during this period, TYCO would mix and match different rolling stock parts, presumably to clear out old stock or something.

Worth of note, the box artwork shows a GP-20, and the photo of the set on the box shows TYCO's old Alco Super 630 locomotive, yet the actual set came with Mehano's Alco C628 locomotive (the one that had eight-wheel drive instead of twelve, the same kind of can motor, etc.) It was painted in the same Santa Fe paint scheme used on AHM's equivalent (Model Power and Life-Like's equivalents had the blue-and-yellow paint scheme.) So once again, you had a better-running locomotive than TYCO's own equivalent! It depends on the turn-out."I love your catenary!"Is that a power-trip or just another pick-up line? Does it run for a minute or two before crashing like an office drone coming off a caffeine high?
The locomotives and rolling stock pictured were most likely leftover stock TYCO was clearing out. Plus, in addition to higher-quality stuff from Atlas and Athearn, TYCO's rival Bachmann still had a much larger selection, and Life-Like was getting really popular during this time as well. Some of the building kits Tyco made are still being made by folks like Model Power and so on.
I have warmed up to that particular diesel style, and it's being an ancestor to the EMD GP series makes it more desirable to me.
Or do you already know there's something wrong because you can see cracks, missing parts, or a small poodle sucked up into the motor?
If the gear powers only one axle it will run with the other,if not your done.It will not go if you are missing traction tires.
The TYCOScene layout board was also still available, but the expansion section no longer was.

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