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Virginian C430 has both the 4301 cab number, plus the yellow nose chevrons and VGN circle herald. Outside of the almost made GBW C430, TYCO avoids any and all prototype offerings for this model. I have been digging thru my storage for my trains from when I was a kid and also stuff I have bought over the years. What did Tyco call something similar, came out around the same time, looked like a train, but ran on HO slot car track?

I have some kind of slot car set where I think the "trains" are in Santa Fe warbonnet paint. I have one of those Sizzlers track sets as well, mine came with the Mach 5 and the GRX from the original Speed Racer show. The turbo train loop is advertised as being available separately as an add-on to your turbo train set. It came up missing when my wife and I were in the process of moving from one town to another.

The chrome TT available as an add-on.It's neat that Tyco sold a whole line of Turbo Trains. One is a US-1 Trucking set I found at a flea market along with most of the Army train pieces, which my son adores.

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