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Some of the tanker cars involved in the accident are the Dot-111 model, that have raised safety concerns for as many as two decades. It has found in numerous investigations that stronger protective shells are needed in order to prevent tragedies of this magnitude. Despite these findings, the model continues to be used to carry crude oil about 70 per cent of the time, because they remain authorized for use by the Canadian and American governments. The only stipulation is that as of 2011, Ottawa made it mandatory that any rail company updating its fleet must choose tanker cars with thicker shells. In the weekend derailment in Lac-Megantic, the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic company said it was leasing the cars in question, but said as far as it knows everything was up to code, despite warnings from the American National Transportation Safety Board. Berkhardt said he will be in Lac Megantic to oversee his company's invesitgation by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.
Meanwhile, many are criticizing the company -- first of all for using this particular tanker car model -- but also because such a dangerous substance was being transported on a Class 2 track network. Workers inspect a railway car that was part of a convoy of railway cars carrying crude oil that derailed Saturday causing explosions in Lac-Megantic, Que., Sunday, July 7, 2013. The downtown core lays in ruins as fire fighters continue to water smoldering rubble after a train derailed and ignited tanker cars carrying crude oil in Lac-Megantic, Que., Sunday, July 7, 2013. The amount of oil arriving at the Saint John Irving Oil refinery by rail has dropped to about 10 per cent from 33 per cent, says the chief operating officer.
The amount of crude oil arriving by rail at Irving Oil Ltd.'s refinery in Saint John has been reduced to less than 10 per cent of the overall amount, says the chief operating officer. Mark Sherman, COO of Irving Oil Ltd.'s Saint John refinery, has not ruled out a return to receiving more oil by rail.
They also come in the midst of an ongoing debate about whether transporting oil is safer by rail or pipeline. The drop in volume of oil coming to the refinery by rail means far fewer crude tank cars are entering Saint John.

By comparison, 142 tank cars would have been required daily when a third of the refinery's capacity was arriving by rail. Tonight Grand Manan holds a public meeting with the RCMP to seek solutions for rising drug concerns..
James Morrell from Perth-Andover, Michaeline Fayant in Moncton, Hunter Carr outside Fort McMurray, and Maximilien Leblanc in Moncton discuss the impact on their families.
Premier Brian Gallant keeps mum on the recent decision to throw out cross-border booze limits.
Bumper crop this year and sources suggest the grain haul orderswill be more traffic than the Denver based Omnitrax owned HBRcan handle. We've been yakkin' up this topic lately, "oil by rail," and the truth of the matter is that the main players, the big outfits are gonna move whatever the source hands to 'em, and they'll try ta move it! Our tanker division operates on the West Coast providing quality hazardous material deliveries to both US and Canadian locations. National Transportation Safety Board said the tanker car housings on the Dot-111 are not effective in preventing damage in case of derailment.
Less train traffic travels on Class 2 networks, meaning there is less government funding to maintain the tracks.
By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever. Antiquated power in need of overhaul and pathetictrack conditions may potentially be rectified with the added revenuefrom 10,000 carloads of crude oil revenue.
However, there is no infrastructure in place at Prince Rupert to transfer crude oil from train tank cars to vessels."How long will it take 'em ta convince 'Rupert, and the province of good jobs, and cash coming to everybody, including first nations, before it's a done deal? Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. Broken wheel from over-stress (lack of inspection), piss poor track maintenance, weak(eaned) ballast.

We have to make sure there is not a precipitous move by Omnitrax or anyone else [toward] shipment in this area.Omnitrax Canada, the company that operates the only rail line up to Churchill, on Hudson Bay, was planning a trial shipment of crude oil next month. The company hopes to eventually transport millions of litres of light sweet crude oil a year up to the community where it can be loaded onto tankers.While Omnitrax says the plan is safe and will help create much-needed jobs in the north, environmentalists and First Nations worry it will jeopardize the livelihoods of aboriginal communities and pose a huge risk to wildlife.
Churchill, known as the polar bear capital of the world, is an eco-tourism destination for polar bear, beluga whale and bird watching.What are the risks if there is a derailment? So there is heightened concern.The province has chipped in some money to help upgrade the rail line over the years and supports diversifying the shipments that go through Churchill, Mr.
But Manitoba cant support any plan to ship oil through Churchill without further upgrades and complete transparency regarding the cargo carried by the trains.Figures from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada show there have been 63 accidents on the Hudson Bay rail line between 2003 and 2012. All but 10 were derailments.Our advice to Omnitrax would be, go back to the drawing board on this, Mr. Ashton said.Although the rail line runs through Manitoba, the track is under federal jurisdiction, so Mr. Transport Canada declined an interview request, but sent an e-mailed statement saying Omnitrax would be expected to comply with all federal regulations should it proceed with its plans.Omnitrax president Merv Tweed, the former MP for the Brandon-Souris riding, said the idea of hauling oil by rail is new and it will take time for people to get used to the concept. The shipment of crude oil by rail is perfectly safe and the tracks dont require any additional upgrade, Mr. Tweed said.When you arent aware of all the facts, its easy to misunderstand whats being attempted or what were trying to do, Mr. We have to make sure that they understand that we know what were doing and what were trying to do and that we will do it with all the environmental and safety issues dealt with as regulated.The company has been holding consultations in the north to try to quell public skepticism and ease concerns about the plan. A trial shipment of oil slated for next month is on hold while the company continues these consultations, Mr.

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