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The restored car has amazing history and there are plenty of caboose space for everyone to ride.
I thoroughly believe that a holiday train ride should be taken at least once in a child’s lifetime. If you love Thomas, Dinosaur Train or Polar Express, then head to Phillipsburg for a fun experience for the entire family.  Throughout the year, the Delaware River Railroad Excursions offers lots of opportunities for themed rides such as the Corn Maze Train, Great Pumpkin Train and the new Knight Train.
One of our first stops at the Turtle Back Zoo (TBZ) includes a ride on their train which is over forty years old.
The Land of Make Believe is known for being a wonderful family amusement park, but did you know it also has its own train?  Yes, children can enjoy a train ride around the park on a Civil War Locomotive. We have featured this location as a place to see butterflies as well as dinosaurs, but did you know you can ride a train as well? In addition to their daily and weekend excursion trips, the New Jersey Museum of Transportation also offers train rides such as Haunted Express, Railroader’s Weekend, Easter Express, Christmas Express and Civil War Encampment.

Depending on the level of interest (or fascination) that your child has with trains, you may want to actively seek out a train ride such as Black River Railroad or just enjoy a train ride in an unexpected location such as Wild West City.  No matter what have a great time! The train takes guests through the woods and passed the lake making for a nice relaxing journey. It boasts an amazing playground including a splash park, picnic areas, a carousel, a zoo on site and much more! It’s a great way for the kids to see the park or just take a break from all the action. Take a ride on the Arrow River Train the next time you are at The Camden Children’s Garden for a great family adventure!
This antique-style train takes passengers around the perimeter of the kiddie rides area and offers gorgeous views of the ocean and boardwalk. For this article, however, we want to focus on the adorable train ride that gives visitors a firsthand look at the animals they can see if they enter the zoo.

Plus, children under the age of three are not  required to purchase tickets which is nice since this age typically appreciates a good train ride. No wonder movies such as Polar Express and television shows such as Thomas the Train and the Dinosaur Train are so popular with little ones! At Playland’s Castaway Cove, families can enjoy a wide variety of amusement rides including a Classic Train with a gasoline powered engine. In the fall, families can enjoy The Great Train Robbery, Triple Header Day and Pumpkin Trains. Passengers get a fun and relaxing ride around the amusement park to scope out their next ride or to just take in the sights one last time before heading home!

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