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This photo shows the main common model railroad scales from z (the smallest) through to G, comparing identical freight cars.
Model railroad layouts come in a wide variety of scales and a model railroad show is an ideal place to compare scales and decide which appeals to you. I just looked at an old Bachmann F shell in my workshop with my OptiVisor and the only problem I saw from my "eyeballing" it was that it appeared to be a tad narrow, and the front windshield was a little high.
As long as this thread is still alive, I thought of something else I could have mentioned about the F7's. In addition to admiring the scale layouts, check to see what local vendors offer in each scale.

The large size allows for detailed modelling and many miniaturists now build in 1:48 scale for the detailed interior and exterior layouts of buildings.
When the FT's came out from IM and MT, the MT nose grabs were molded on, while IM's are wire. For some scales you may have several local sources of material, other scales may require importing stock or scenery, yet others may attract people who like to build everything from scratch. There are an increasing number of accessories and pieces of rolling stock in this scale, but it is still less popular than traditional scales.
This is the easiest crossover scale to model with dollhouses and other play characters, so the scale is popular with both toy modellers and traditional railroad enthusiasts.

I'd assume that this is less true to the prototype, since it would make no sense to make the model narrower than it should be, but of course sense doesn't always have much to do with it. This would not be noticable on a layout, since the error (if that's what it is) would reduce to a scale inch or two on each side. I don't run them much anymore, choosing to run my swap meet bargain basement Kato F's.By the way, is there anyone out there that agrees with my observation that Trix actually made two different F7 shells?

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