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NEW YORK (AP) — Tens of millions of people along the Philadelphia-to-Boston corridor rushed to get home and settle in Monday as a fearsome storm swirled in with the potential for hurricane-force winds and 1 to 3 feet of snow that could paralyze the Northeast for days.
Snow was coating cars and building up on sidewalks and roadways in New York City by evening, and light snow was falling in Boston.
More than 7,700 flights in and out of the Northeast were canceled, and many of them may not take off again until Wednesday. Snow and adverse weather conditions affect daily life in New York, United States on January 26, 2015.
The governors of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York all declared states of emergency on Monday ahead of the storm. All too aware that big snowstorms can make or break politicians, governors and mayors moved quickly to declare emergencies and order the shutdown of streets and highways to prevent travelers from getting stranded and to enable plows and emergency vehicles to get through.
Navi, who works for Citigroup in Manhattan, said he takes the Long Island Rail Road every day and left work early Monday after warnings by local officials to get home before the brunt of the storm. Boston was expected to get 2 to 3 feet of snow, New York 1? to 2 feet and Philadelphia more than a foot. The National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for a 250-mile swath of the region, meaning heavy, blowing snow and potential whiteout conditions. Authorities banned travel on all streets and highways in New York City and on Long Island and warned that violators could be fined $300.
In this handout provided by NOAA from the GOES-East satellite, a major winter storm developing over the mid-Atlantic region and bringing snow to the Northeast of the U.S. Nicole Coelho, a nanny from Lyndhurst, New Jersey, stocked up on macaroni and cheese, frozen pizzas and milk at a supermarket. Shopping cart gridlock descended on Fairway, the gourmet grocery on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Ben Shickel went grocery shopping in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, and found shelves had been cleaned out.
Last minute shoppers filed into the Jersey City ShopRite Monday evening, looking to stock up before the brunt of the storm hit. On Wall Street, however, the New York Stock Exchange stayed open and said it would operate normally Tuesday as well. Coastal residents braced for a powerful storm surge and the possibility of damaging flooding and beach erosion, particularly in New Jersey and on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Utility companies across the region put additional crews on standby to deal with anticipated power outages. The storm interrupted jury selection in the Boston Marathon bombing case and forced a postponement in opening statements in the murder trial of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez in Fall River, Massachusetts. The Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots got out of town just in time, leaving from Logan Airport around midday for Phoenix, where the temperature will reach the high 60s.
Taylor Millar, left, hugs her friend Jennifer Bruno, after Bruno was forced to vacate her house when it was heavily damaged by ocean waves in a winter storm, Tuesday, Jan.
Looks like it’s going to be gorgeous out for the second Summer Streets installment of 2011. Word On The Street “The entire area around the Botanical Garden is a pedestrian nightmare, and unfortunately, the institution has shown no interest in improving safety.
Copyright NoticeThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Forecasters said the storm would build into a blizzard, and the brunt of it would hit late Monday and into Tuesday. Forecasters warned that the wind could gust to 75 mph or more along the Massachusetts coast and up 50 mph farther inland.

In Massachusetts, ferry service to Martha's Vineyard was greatly curtailed and to Nantucket was suspended.
Andrew Cuomo, referring to instances in which motorists got stranded in the snow for 24 hours or more. The meat shelves were all but bare, customers shoved past each other and outside on Broadway the checkout line stretched for a block as the wind and snow picked up. Officials in New Jersey shore towns warned people to move their cars off the streets and away from the water.
But the House postponed votes scheduled for Monday night because lawmakers were having difficulty flying back to the nation's capital after the weekend. He has been covering the movement for safer streets, effective transit, and livable cities since 2008.
Commuter railroads across the Northeast announced plans to stop running overnight, and most flights out of the region's major airports were canceled. The governors of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island also slapped restrictions on nonessential travel. The storm has punched out a section of the seawall in the coastal town of Marshfield, police said. Shoppers stocking up on food jammed supermarkets and elbowed one another for what was left.

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