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The sun had made it seem as if this would be one decent day in the awkward and gloomy adolescence of the year, and the act of rolling ground balls to the children on the bright concrete schoolyard introduced even a transitory feeling of warmth. The hydrangeas in the raised bed were crumpled to soft, rotten brown, and the mums looked trampled.
Then he sat by the open crack of a window and, avidly if still stuffily, narrated the progress of the window-washing rig up the mirrored tower. A taxi, answering a hail, drifted slowly into the crosswalk; the sudden detour around it led to planting a foot in a small but not shallow puddle, so the sneaker shipped some water. Children, suitably coated or hoodied, walked hand in hand with adults in a neighborhood of workplaces. But in the broken shade of the infield, with the more infrequent movement of hitting and pitching the wiffle ball, the chill crept back in, and the lingering leaflessness began to feel oppressive.
Indoors had been nauseatingly stuffy, but now, outdoors, it was time for the new light jacket, over the new discount-priced cotton-blend sweater. The first place that had hot chocolate did not have marshmallows, and the second place also did not have marshmallows, but the deal was that the search would end there regardless. Only with effort could he be steered away from wearing his flip-flops out to pick up his brother.

On the way back uphill from the preschool, leaving the river winds behind, it was time for the jacket, in its first day of service, to come off. The wool hat, left in the coat pocket in an unconsidered decision in the morning, came out and went on. Then what had been various degrees of sunniness collapsed into a damp gray. The paler and darker patches in the clouds were too blurry to have identifiable topography, while the river below lay whitish and depthless as a cutout. A row of white flares traced the edge of the plate anchoring the intercom phone to the hallway wall. Then it was thinned a lot, once more, and cold drops were falling out of a still mostly clear-looking sky. A quick subway ride cleared away the contradictions: It was as chilly and cloudy and raining as if the afternoon interlude had never happened. Representatives of both sides of the Democratic presidential contest held their places close but not too close to each other, without acknowledgement. All around, coat fronts were hanging awkwardly unfastened, or the coats were already slung over arms. The four-year-old, his request to close the blinds denied, went off to get a sleep mask in protest.

A knot of school safety police broke into an intermittent trot toward some sort of trouble by the bodega. A police van joined them; a youth on a bench across the way, watching the fuss, carefully lifted off his ballcap and reversed it. The three-year-old held up his Batman figures to the open apartment window to try to make their capes blow in the breeze, and was tearfully disappointed to be discouraged from dangling one out past the sill, over the twenty-seven-story drop.
He was going to stay there in the little space by the window, he said, till he stopped being sad.
A golden contrail slowly slackened and below it an airplane laid down a new clean silver-blue one. The children put their shoes back on and headed out into the evening without even a hint of complaint.

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