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This entry was posted in Lego Set Review and tagged 7597, Chase, Lego, Lego Toy Story 7597 Western Train Chase Review, Review, Story, Toy, Train, Western. Today I am reviewing the Lego 7597 Toy Story  Western Train Chase from the Pixar movie, Toy story 3.
This Lego set includes six minifigures, Woody the cowboy, Jessie the cow girl, Bullseye the trusty steed, Buzz Lightyear the spaceman, the devious evil doctor pork chop, and Rex, the dinosaur. Requires 2 "AA" batteries for the sound (included), andA 2 "D" size batteries for train motion (not included). The set itself is rather big, there are a total of 584 pieces, and extending at 23 inches (58 centimeters) and 4 (10 centimeters) inches tall.

All the pieces were put in separate bags, they are divided this way to make it easier to assemble one train car at a time, so you’re not scrambling for that one piece you need, which I thought was a good idea considering how big it is. There are a total of four train cars in this set, there is the main train engine that suits the name “Western” because it looks exactly that. It also came with three other train carts, a small first class passenger cart, a money train cart (complete with a trap door and a box of dynamite) and a passenger train.
Only a small complaint, but for the cars, (excluding the main train) it was difficult to snap on the wheels for the cars, it takes a little strength and patient, but I have none of that so I had someone help me. Another complaint I had, was that in the passenger cart in the movie those little ugly troll dolls in them, but this set didn’t have it.

It would’ve been pretty cool to see in the set, but seeing the size of the cart itself, wouldn’t have been a great idea to put them in. Seeing how this is a Disney set, it wont be around for much longer, so you should get it now!

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