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Car specific creative blog by Nate Michals, Cisco CCNA certified purveyor of Canon digital photography, saxophone, drums and percussion instruments, turbo Subaru Impreza WRX STI car racing, and Information technology computer systems administration.
While it was not invented by Mazda, but rather by Felix Wankel, the Mazda Wankel engines have been present in one for or another since their first model 798cc 2-rotor L8A motor and later debuting in the 1968 Mazda Cosmo as the 982cc 110hp model 0810, generally referred to as the 10A series. Some other notable engines that were not included in this article are the VTEC Honda B-series and K-series motors, Toyota JZ series and surely many, many more.
It was Round 2, and we were back at Rubio's Auto Body in Sun Valley, California, to put the finishing touches on project Brutus.
It was created in multiple forms and designed by Giaoccino Colombo for both V12 and flat-12 applications.  It first appeared as a flat engine in the Ferrari 365 GT4 BB of 1971 (according to Wikipedia).

The Rubio's experts had teamed up like an army of ants and pushed the build through what seemed an endless gauntlet of welding and replacing panels.
Rotary engines are known to consume a certain amount of oil, which needs to be replaced frequently. When we left off ("Uncovered," June '09), the El Camino sat with the majority of the bodywork and welded panels completed.
To recap what was done: We removed the old orange paint, revealing the El Camino's true colors. Some panels-the hood, front fender, and rear deck-were so far from repair they had to be replaced with reproduction pieces through the help of OPG.

While some may question our choice of a matte finish, the answer is simple: Not only does it look sweet, but it's trouble-free, requiring very little upkeep.
It's more or less a shop truck and isn't going to be parked miles away in a lot for fear of some door dings or runaway shopping carts.Grab a seat and watch the bland-looking El Camino become a brute.

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