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I often hear builders saying they would like to see this kit made or that kit made so they can build a model of their car, truck, bicycle, etc.
Seems to me that I have a lot of other building ideas for kits that I have purchased over the years and I myself can't see myself spending time building a model of something I already have.
I find it neat when I go to a car show and see a model displayed with the car and they match. Besides, building a model of something in the driveway means you don't have to go far for reference! I have built models of my very first car ( 1970 Dodge Super Bee), and most of the musclecars I have owned in my life. I also build replicas of cars I have seen at car shows, on the Hot Rod power tour, and even replicas of some of my friends cars as well.
I enjoy having a visual history of cars I have owned, much better than looking at old photos. Mine is not a car but a motorcycle and I thinks its just kinda of cool to be able to see my RZ500 whether im in the house or out in the garage. I built a model of my 85 Buick Regal to see what it would look like when I am done with the restoration.

Kids electric cars are gradually becoming much popular among the children of 21st century, and most probably, they are going to be carried forward to the next generation with equal craze.
In this article you can learn step-by-step how to create your own solar cellphone charger from material scraps. If you’re interested, there is a way to make your own wind turbine in the comfort of your home. If you regularly browse through our website, you must’ve come across the hydrogen fuel cell and its wonders.
Our goal is to give people all the information they need to create their own eco-friendly devices powered by renewable energy.
The team behind this blog is also working every day to find the latest news regarding environment and renewable energy. But I wonder why guys would want to build a model of their car when they can just go out into the garage, or out on the driveway, or in the back forty and SEE their car??? I currently own a couple of musclecars, and yes, I did build a replica of my cobrajet Torino. We only had playthings that required building, creativity, imagination, artistic skills, and physical exertion.

In my single days I had the best of both worlds because I used to park my real bike in the livingroom and had a model of it sitting on a shelf behind it.
I've built several models for others of their real cars, so they could display them in their office or at car shows. One thing that really re-energized me was building models of cars from my past that either meant something to me, or had an impact on me in some way.
I also built a replica of my dads 56 ford and my brothers 68 mustang fastback and enjoyed it very much.
Its a fun challenge to research and find the right wheels, paint color, engine, and engine details and other parts to pull off an exact as posible replica of a certain car wether its a famous race car or the family station wagon.

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