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As the High Elves merged city and forest into one, settling their lives into the order and structure of established settlements, there were many who chose instead to continue wandering. Loving freedom and personal expression, wood elves are more chaotic than their high elf kin, but no less good. Shaped by the woods that they call home, wood elves have skin that ranges from the pale color of almond nut shells to a subtle walnut brown, with a rare few that even have a green tinge to their flesh, likely the product of a dalliance with a dryad somewhere in the elf's ancestry.
In the woods from which they draw their name, wood elves live a seminomadic existence, moving between a series of established dwelling places in the trees. Wood elves are the elves most likely to interact with others races and to become adventurers.
With a strong traditional background, he decided after high school to take art more seriously. There he was fully exposed to and instructed in the entire production pipeline of both 2D and 3D animation. His work history consists of Illustrations and concepts for the film and gaming industry, as well as graphic novel and children’s book Illustrations. We showcase anime & manga art, sci-fi art, concept art, fantasy art, movie art, video game art and wallpapers.

These elves, soon known as wood elves, became wardens of the forests surrounding the elven cities, scouts and advance guards as well as snipers and guerrillas in case of attack by the many enemies of the elven people. They tend to be far more approachable than high elves, though they can also be quite standoffish and aloof until they know the intentions of others.
They are also the only known subrace of elves, besides half-elves to (rarely) have freckles. While high elves prefer to live in cities with abundant plant life and an organic build to their structures, wood elves prefer to live directly in the trees, making cities of living wood in the tallest and most mighty of forests. Already in a state of mobility, wood elves like to see new sites, explore new areas, and many like to meet new people as well. In March of 2010 Rob graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s Degree as a character artist. Wood elves still keep this role as a people, and reap the benefits of associating with elven cities, while keeping all of the freedom that comes from their lives in the wild woods.
A wood elf would much prefer to sit back and observe for a while before making any judgement calls or forming any sort of friendships or other relationships. Their hair tends to be more earthy in color, with dark blondes, browns, reds, and blacks the most common, though there are a few with closer ties to the fey that can have more exotic hair colors, such as blue, green or purple.

They tend not to stay in one place for more than a few years, however, prefering to keep their constant vigil on the forests where they make their homes.
Because of this, young wood elves are encouraged to go on a period of wandering, exploration, and development, which can and often does take them outside of elven lands and into the lands of other races. Wood elves are known to occasionally have a very light amount of hair on their bodies besides just their heads, though this is exceedingly rare.
As beings who often traverse the borders of city and woodlands, wood elves have learned to be diplomatic and polite, and have a strong tradition of hospitality to those that they regard as friends.
While wood elves are noted for being as slender and graceful as other elven subraces, they are notably shorter than humans, making it easier for them to traverse their arboreal homes in stealth, generally being around 5'2" on average, making them the smallest of the surface elves.

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