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Think of beech woodlands and towering trees with smooth, grey-brown bark and fresh green leaves that light up in the sun come to mind.
Our lowland beech and yew woodland spans a variety of distinctive vegetation types that grow on different soils. The standing and fallen dead and decaying wood within lowland beech and yew woodland is an important habitat for invertebrates like the rare violet click beetle, as well as fungi such as the scarce bearded tooth, devil’s bolete and hedgehog fungi.
Birds fill the canopy with song; bullfinch, song thrush, spotted flycatcher, wood warbler and the rare turtle dove are just some of the species to be found in this habitat.
In general, our woodlands are threatened by clearance for development and agriculture, although lowland beech and yew woodland has suffered less due to the high value of beech for materials. The Wildlife Trusts manage many woodland nature reserves sympathetically for all kinds of species.
Take part in conservation measures on your land – ask your local Wildlife Trust for advice on the management of lowland beech and yew woodland. Support the work of your The Wildlife Trusts protecting and restoring woodlands across the UK – become a member of your local Wildlife Trust. Volunteer with your local Wildlife Trusts and help your local woodland wildlife; depending on where you live you could be involved in everything from traditional forest crafts to raising awareness about woodland animals. Red and gold rustling leaves, weirdly shaped fungi, the smell of damp mosses… A walk through a wood on a bright autumnal day can bring joy to the heart. Our woodlands range in age from long-standing forests through which our ancestors hunted to modern-day plantations which provide materials for building and paper. Our woodlands come alive at dawn – tawny owls hoot to each other, and wrens, blackcaps and warblers fill the air with song. During the day, small herds of roe and fallow deer roam between the tree trunks of our mixed woods, red squirrels bustle around the treetops in pine woods and butterflies alight on flowers at the forest floor. In woodlands, dead and rotting wood is important for fungi and insects like the impressively horned stag beetle. Tawny owl, sparrowhawk, great spotted woodpecker, treecreeper, nuthatch, jay, blackcap, garden warbler, nightingale, goldcrest, coal tit, crossbill, firecrest, roe deer, red deer, badger, fox, grey squirrel, red squirrel, wood mouse, dormouse, bluebell, wood sorrel, early-purple orchid, wood anemone, dog’s mercury, primrose, herb-Paris, red campion, oak, ash, beech, field maple, hornbeam, birch, Scots pine, lesser stag beetle. The Woodland series of targets from Rinehart feature their FX series foam for the ultimate combination or durability and function. The statements and opinions expressed within Customer Reviews reflect each author's personal perspective and do not imply endorsement by MidwayUSA, its Employees or any other organization.
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From the above photos, one could think that green is the only color in the woodland garden. Flowers come and go like ethereal mists, but foliage is always the star in the woodland garden. Your woodland looks so cool and peaceful, much my favourite sort of garden on a hot summers day.
Hi Deb, I wish I was under your trees, admiring your beautiful garden, maybe with a cold beer. Hi DebYou have captured a lot in this post: the soft beauty of the woodland area, the lovely colours of the bulbs and perennials and you have a sharp eye for seeing great texture as with the palm and the hostas.
But in the UK, beech is actually only native to southern England and southern Wales; elsewhere, it has been planted for ornamental use and timber. Calcareous beech and yew woodland forms about 40% of the total amount of lowland beech and yew habitat in the UK and tends to be found on the limestone and chalk soils of south-east England such as the North and South Downs, the Chilterns and the Cotswolds. Stands tend to be dominated by beech, with oak sometimes finding a foothold, and bramble knots its way through the understorey.
More common species found on chalk include dog’s mercury, yellow archangel and nettle-leaved bellflower.
Mammals abound in lowland beech and yew woodland with badgers, foxes, and greater and lesser horseshoe bats all foraging and breeding here. A mix of coppicing, scrub-cutting, ride maintenance and non-intervention all help woodland wildlife to thrive. But the trees of our woodlands have a much deeper story to tell – one of fascinating creatures and ancient practices. Broadleaved woods are composed of deciduous trees, mixed woods of both deciduous and coniferous trees, and pine woods often of non-native trees planted for timber.
Great spotted woodpeckers, treecreepers and jays visit broadleaved and mixed woods, while goldcrests and rare crossbills flit between the trees of conifer forests. As night descends, mammals like foxes, bats, badgers and dormice come out to forage and hunt. But The Wildlife Trusts manage many woodland nature reserves sympathetically, and encourage others to do so, too.
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This occurs when all Customer Service Representatives are busy serving other Customers, or Customer Service is closed. And I can imagine your woodland garden is also a welcome refuge from the summer heat, with the trees casting shade to other plants and anyone who wanders through it.
The tapestry that is formed by all your different types of foliage is delightful, colour, shape and texture carry the interest once the canopy closes and plants stop flowering, I would love to wander down your path! Those images of sunlight on palm foliage are amazing, the essence of summer with its warm sun and cool, lush foliage. Your words and photos leave me feeling like I've just walked through the woods and seen it all first-hand. Typical sites include the High Weald, Hampshire and London basins, the Chilterns and parts of East Anglia. On neutral sites, the rare violet helleborine grows alongside more common species like oxlip and early dog-violet; while bracken, creeping soft-grass, wavy hair-grass and marsh violet are found on acid woodland soils. We are also working closely with other landowners to promote wildlife-friendly and traditional practices in these areas. Perfect for broadhead or field point use, the Woodland cube will help you get ready for the moment of truth. Because of variations in the manufacturing process, similar products may have differing weights. It is no coincidence that many fairy tales are set in woodlands.This is a recent photo of the deep green summer woodland garden. I love the opening series of shots with the sunlight playing on the leaves and the patterns that creates. Unless the product is designated as “Ships Alone”, Shipping Weight does not include the shipping box or packing materials associated with your order.
Below the lily are Snowflake Hydrangea and a purple Calla Lily, and at the bottom are a Variegated Hydrangea and a Gardenia. I am sure it must be nice to find the excuse to pause and linger over these little discoveries in your woodland garden. It has pink or red lace cap type blooms, similar to the variegated hydrangea in another picture.
The subtle color of Snowflake Hydrangea is echoed in the background by a variegated redbud, 'Whitewater'.

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