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Stop number one on our tour of the Delaware Bay Coast includes the Woodland Beach Wildlife Area, which is our northern most point of interest on our map of the region. The Woodland Beach Wildlife Area consists of three large land tracts consuming roughly 6,320 acres of coastal prairie and tidal marsh.
Just beyond the entrance to Florio Road, at the sharp bend of Route 9, you will find an observation tower that provides a panoramic view of the area. Another popular viewing area with the birders and photographers is Taylor's Gut located just a short distance beyond the observation tower along Route 9. As with the National Wildlife Refuges, the wildlife areas of Delaware are open to public hunting.
A note for out of state sportsmen interested in hunting the Delaware Bay Coast: Delaware is a small, highly populated state with an exceptional amount of resident hunters, especially for waterfowl. The Woodland Beach Wildlife Area, the observation tower, and Florio Road are prime locations for viewing and photographing the thousands of Snow Geese that invade the coastal areas of the Delaware Bay each winter. Contact: Volunteers are asked to pre-register with contact information in case of inclement weather leading to postponement.

The Woodland Beach Wildlife Area is approximately 7 miles or about 15 minutes north of the main entrance of the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.
Located just north of the intersection of Delaware Route 6 (Woodland Beach Road) and Route 9 (Hay Point Landing Road), the area accommodates the Aquatic Resources Education Center, a conference facility used by groups and organizations involved in environmental education and wetlands management. In 0.9 mile, turn right (East) onto Florio Road, just before Route 9 makes a sharp bend to the left.
You can usually have the platform to yourself and it's an excellent place for photography or wildlife viewing. All public areas use the lottery system and many are turned away if their names are not drawn.
All photographs appearing on this site are the exclusive property of said photographers and are protected under United States and International copyright laws. Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over the marsh or the ponds of Taylor's Gut observed from the tower provide good photographic opportunities.
Or, if you're ever in doubt, simply wear hunters' orange or other bright colors during the deer hunting season.

The best way to enjoy a productive hunting experience is by a state approved guide or outfitter and there are many to choose from. Project Description: Wineberry is an invasive plant that is covering and pushing out native plants in an important wildlife habitat at the Woodland Beach Wildlife Area. Back in the fall of 1957 a tidal gate was installed at the small bridge on Route 9 to control the water levels in the pond on the west side of the highway. This is a unique, rich woods habitat that is uncommon on Delaware's Coastal Plain and harbors a variety of special plants.
At present, Delaware does not allow Sunday hunting so this is a safe day to visit with no hunters present.

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