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My first take on it wasn't the most competitive, and it took me a while to figure out how to make it as competitive as it could possibly be—which is admittedly only semi-competitive—but the point is to take something sweet and to push it as far as it can go. With Painter's Servant on green, Woodland Bellower can search for ANY creature costing 3 or less of ANY color. Using these cards with Woodland Bellower, you get a pretty good long-game deck that can win without combo'ing. We still have the problem of being somewhat slow, but that is easily solvable with green ramp. Noble Hierarch and Birds of Paradise are great because they make blue, but any old Elvish Mystic does a fine job standing in. I would like some more tricks and disruption, and Tolaria West is a fantastic way to do that with this mana base.
A new approach that I've found useful is to map decks on graph with axes ranging from aggro to control and strong cards to strong combos. Taking these factors into consideration I would recommend a sideboard configured something like what I used. The main lesson here is that being realistic about weakness is important to bringing an idea to its full potential.
Abbot of Keral Keep is one of many cards from Magic Origins that is poised to make an impact in the Modern format. Abbot of Keral Keep is just one of several new Magic Origins cards that Patrick and Michael discuss in this episode; there are quite a few possible additions to Modern from this hot new set. Both our intrepid podcasters seem to like Harbinger of the Tides best among the Magic Origins blue cards, ultimately. Okay, maybe three of the five; Abbot of Kerl Keep is the whiz-bang winner in red + probably the best card in Magic Origins overall! Evolutionary Leap beats removal — as long as you have enough mana, you can keep going and not run out of creatures. Is this just a Commune With the Gods that can’t find enchantments, or is there some secret to triggering its Spell Mastery upside? Mike says there is no way Andrew Cuneo has a greeen mana symbol anywhere near his top-right corner. There are many, many types of decks Herald of the Pantheon can go into… Mike and Patrick discuss several of them.
When Woodland Bellower enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a nonlegendary green creature card with converted mana cost 3 or less, put it onto the battlefield, and shuffle your library. Deathmist Raptor has implied value of greater than three mana… Having [potentially eight] Deathmist Raptors is a powerful deck building feature. Finding Reclamation Sage allows Woodland Bellower to play as a giant Disenchant for versatility and card advantage.
Top Level Podcast is proud to present Infinite Obliteration — our exclusive preview from Magic Origins! For those of you who are used to visiting Top Level Podcast on Thursdays only… This week is a bonus.
For those of you who are visiting us the first time this week (to see our cool exclusive preview Infinite Obliteration)… Welcome!
Top Level Podcast is a competitive Magic: The Gathering podcast, generally focused on Standard and other tournament-relevant Constructed formats. Nissa, Vastwood Seer (aka Nissa, Sage Animist) is going to be a Top 10 Magic: The Gathering card in Standard. Mike casts Collected Company, revealing Nissa, Vastwood Seer and Liliana, Heretical Healer. Civic Wayfinder is a card Mike learned to love in Ravnica Block; and later adopted in place of the less-consistent Knight of the White Orchid in Reveillark decks. In addition to fetching only basic Forests (instead of any kind of basic land), Nissa has the additional drawback of being a Legend.
With Windswept Heath, Wooded Foothills, or Evolving Wilds in play, Nissa has the ability to protect herself.

While the focus of this podcast is Nissa, Vastwood Seer (and her opposite number) Michael and Patrick discuss numerous other cards from Magic Origins, plus make a special announcement! Learn more about Grand Prix Santiago's Top 8 competitors by taking a look through their profiles! What was the most interesting play you made so far this weekend?: Not playing a land so that my opponent thought I was mana-screwed. What was the best card in any of your decks this weekend, and why?: Molten Vortex, it finishes games out of nowhere.
What was the most interesting play you made so far this weekend?: Bouncing fatties all weekend long, super effective. What was the most interesting play you made so far this weekend?: End of my turn, destroy my opponent's Hangarback Walker. Where do you normally play Magic?: Local stores in the north of Chile, and I test with my brother and friends, but mostly I test online. What was the best card in any of your decks this weekend, and why?: I think Sentinel of the Eternal Watch, wom me 3 rounds of today's first draft by itself. What was the most interesting play you made so far this weekend?: Play a Flameshadow Conjuring and then copy a Woodland Bellower - for two creatures, one of them a Managorger Hydra … in Sealed! What was the best card in any of your decks this weekend, and why?: Hangarback Walker, it won me many games. What was the most interesting play you made so far this weekend?: Use Act of Treason on a Managorger Hydra and win with that attack. Where do you normally play Magic?: GP, Hareruya Tournament Center, Hareruya Narita, Magic Online, LMC. What was the best card in any of your decks this weekend, and why?: Alhammarret, High Arbiter, because it finished the match 3 times in my 1st draft.
What was the most interesting play you made so far this weekend?: Turn 1 Anointer of Champions, Turn 2 Sword of the Animist, Attack and win.
What was the best card in any of your decks this weekend, and why?: Lightning Javelin, it kills everything so scry is almost free.
What was the best card in any of your decks this weekend, and why?: Timberpack Wolf, because he (5 copies) won me the Final Draft.
The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything you should know for today from throughout the Magic community.
Kenji breaks down the decks, players, and action of the most recent MOCS playoff event as only Kenji can. Special thanks to Jacob Van Lunen and Marc Calderaro for their contributions to this article. Those at home might not know this, but World Champion, first-ranked Seth Manfield had not played a game with this deck of his own design before the Grand Prix. Not every deck is going to be tier 1, but it doesn't need to be dominant to be a worthwhile learning experiment. This allows you to search up a chain of Phantasmal Images copying Woodland Bellower, culminating in a Hellraiser Goblin giving everything haste. I realize that this is actually an important question in making this experiment especially worthwhile.
You can transmute an extra land for a Pact of Negation to force through your combo, or a Summoner's Pact to find a Mystic Snake to counter a key spell. While the deck can do work in the late game, surviving to get there against a fast creature deck is not the most likely outcome. In the video set I recorded I was without Lightning Bolt, and my early creature matchups suffered. You have Serum Visions to look at extra cards, Eternal Witness to rebuy extra cards, and tutors to dig up toolbox creatures. If I ignored the fact that the combo was fragile and slow, I might have built a fragile and slow deck.

Maybe this is the exact perfect deck for you, or maybe my process will help your own deck crafting process. Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, and their logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC.
Not only does it not have flash, but flipping a permission spell with Abbot of Keral Keep will generally cause that card to brick. Abbot of Keral Keep can hook up with the efficient burn spells available in Modern to give an aggressive deck some extra oomph.
That puts different conditions on Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy than a regular Merfolk Looter.
It is still hard to use in the current environment, but pending new Eldrazi might become an All-Star in the future. Control probably has to have cards like Perilous Vault to keep from falling too far behind. Not only can you buy resilience (like with Deathmist Raptor) just spreading value across multiple bodies makes point removal less effective.
His opponent, feeling clever, dashes in a Goblin Heelcutter… The Hornet Nest will not be able to block.
Nissa, Vastwood Seer isn’t the only Planeswalker you can flip with Collected Company… You can actually flip them all! Patrick pegs the value of her flip-side (Nissa, Vastwood Seer) at five mana; and points out that flipping Nissa takes zero incremental mana.
I didn't play it in Swiss or either draft, but it's a common that attacks and defends very well. By clicking any link on this page or by clicking Yes, you are giving your consent for us to set cookies. This will allow you to drag the game out, get up on cards, and put together the combination multiple times in a longer game.
These cards help you grind through Lightning Bolts, set the opponent back, gain life, and find your combo pieces.
It's a one-card loop that can inevitably beat anyone in a long game without ever even drawing Painter's Servant. Not really an aggro deck or a late game deck, it certainly uses strong combos but can lean on strong cards as well. So when building a sideboard with this deck, an important consideration is how well you can make use of creatures.
But by addressing those problems we can build a resilient and interactive deck that makes the most of Woodland Bellower. Or maybe these ideas help organize your brain better and that carries over to more efficiency in life.
Through Travis's stream in concert with his viewers, he continues to produce exciting decks for competitive and casual players alike, and his passion for the game pervades his work. Besides which, Michael and Patrick seem to disagree about the playability of the classic Merfolk Looter anyway.
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What this means is that this deck presents a nice variety of games depending on the matchup.

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