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If you really want to give yourself the advantage out on the field, you'll find that a Mil-Spec Woodland Camo Sniper Ghillie Suit is a valuable tool.
Whether you are hunting game out in the woods or trying to eliminate the competition on the paintball field, the ghillie suit will give you the edge by camouflaging you efficiently in any surroundings. To pick one picture to use as the background, tap Choose background, and then select the picture you want to use.
The Finnish Defence Forces are investigating what they suspect is unauthorised copying of the M05 camouflage pattern by the Russian military, Finnish business daily Taloussanomat reported on its website Tuesday.
According to Taloussanomat, a pattern bearing striking resemblance to the M05 had been seen in Russia’s Yeger battledress in news footage.
Even if the pics don’t prove that the Russian military is copying the pattern, they still give a good reason to investigate.

The Russians have been camo mad since the Soviet era and have copied practically everyones’ patterns!
BUT, the Russians have also created a host of other home grown designs, including the most recognized Flora and beautiful Russian Tigerstripe, and so on and so forth. The bottom line is this, when you create that many camo patterns, and by thier very nature, there is going to be similarities with other designs. That’s a picture of the Russian camouflage, the pixelated one on this page is irrelevant!
A sniper ghillie suit breaks up the human form and makes it extremely difficult for someone or something to see its wearer. Pick out the style of sniper suit that matches your terrain and start to enjoy the advantages of remaining undetected by the competition. The Sniper Suit is not supposed to be form fitting, It should fit loose, the over-size will help mask the human form and aid the camouflage affect.

There are some sightings of some russians wearing a similar camo to the M05 during the war of Georgia.
I have seen photos of Russian soldiers wearing no less than three different types of camo pattern in the one ‘uniform’! I happen to agree with others that the similarity with the Finnish design is fleeting at best though. You'll be amazed at how close your competition comes to you without seeing a thing when you're wearing the most effective camouflage available.

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