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The Wildlife Information Service is here to give advice and answer any questions you may have about Norfolk’s wildlife. From the wild north coast to the sandy heaths of Breckland, the Norfolk Broads to ancient woodlands, Norfolk’s diverse habitats are home to a stunning variety of wildlife. At Norfolk’s northwest corner, where The Wash meets the North Sea, Holme Dunes is superbly located to attract migrating birds. It also holds a variety of important habitats which support numerous other wildlife species including natterjack toads, butterflies and dragonflies, as well as a large number of interesting plants. Various military remains from WWII can be glimpsed around the reserve, including the remains of a target-railway used to train artillery. There are few sights in Norfolk more evocative than the ghostly form of a barn owl carefully quartering the fields and dykes. This unmistakeable black-and-white wader, with its characteristic upturned bill, breeds in small numbers on the reserve, and can often be watched feeding in front of the hides during the summer.

The perfect location of NWT Holme Dunes means it attracts large numbers of migrating birds. Holme is a good place to seawatch: with the correct winds gannets, skuas, terns and divers can be watched passing by the coastline in their hundreds. OWLS OWLS Click Thumbnails For More Information 407 "Balancing Act" 434 "Rare Visit" Snow 227 "Short Eared Owl" 229 "Spotted Owl" 255 "Diurnal Retreat, Barred Owl" 627 "Black on White on Grey" 670 "SILENT NIGHT" 770 'The Retreat" Great Horned Owl 742 "SAW WHET OWL ROOST" 760 GOLDEN EYES 259 "Tudoe Pt. Every event is enjoyable for all ages, making them a wonderful way for families to explore the natural world together. In autumn, its bright orange berries are a godsend to the thousands of migrating birds, such as wintering thrushes, that stop off at Holme.
NWT Holme Dunes is one of the best places to catch up with the ethereal birds as they hunt silently over the grazing marshes in the late afternoon. In spring, wheatears and warblers are common, with large numbers of finches and thrushes in the autumn.

The circle was uncovered by strong tides, having been hidden for some 4,000 years (no longer at Holme, the structure was removed for preservation purposes by archaeologists). Scarce migrants such as wryneck, yellow-browed warbler and barred warbler arealmost annual. Huge thanks to North West Norfolk Naturalists for their help in giving additional sightings.

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