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Stage 3: The Showing – Now I will review your applications and schedule a showing of the property where we will again review the leasing terms and be able to see the property in person. Stage 4: Approval Process – If you decide you would like to rent the house our management team will make a decision on if we feel this property best suits your needs and if you the tenant can responsibly handle renting. First, if the tenant(s) are making the rent payments then they should have jobs or an income to make sure they can cover the rent payments. Contact information for someone at the employer should also be provided so that you can validate employment. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new rentals and sales! This advertisement does not suggest that the broker has a listing or has done a transaction in this property or properties, nor does it suggest, directly or indirectly that the advertising broker was involved in the transaction.
Currently, Woodland Hills is undergoing major development with several multi unit residential projects in and around Warner Center. Warner Center contains many low rise office buildings, as well as several high rise skyscrapers, notably three that are all in the same lot of land (all three being zoned out for commerce).

Our Woodland CA property management, Davis CA property management, and Yolo County CA property management requires you to fill out the application fully on every page and sign where necessary. References from prior landlords and employers help us determine the relationship you had with your previous landlords and job security.
We have decided to rent the property to you! We are ready to sign the residential lease agreement.
Again, this is why we ask for several years of history here so you can see how stable their employment has been.
Woodland Hills is located in the southwestern area of the San Fernando Valley, with Warner Center business district in its northern section. In the early 1920’s, a developer planted over 120,000 eucalyptus, sycamore, fir, pine and pepper trees to lure prospective buyers. There is also some residential and industrial, as well as some retail such as the Westfield Promenade. Making a time to meet at our office we will make sure all the terms are completely understood.
Typically, its more of risk if the tenant has held several jobs in just a few years and there may be gaps in the employment (i.e.

The rancho was first owned by three Indians and a Spaniard, title for most of it eventually passed to Miguel Leonis a Basque who came to the Valley in 1858.
The western-most stop of the Orange Line Transit way ends at the transit hub of the same name on Owensmouth Street, in between Erwin and Oxnard streets. If everyone agrees then we will go ahead and sign your signatures locking you into your new rental!
This community college opened September 1947, and had its beginning as an agricultural school. While it continues to be known for its excellent agricultural and animal husbandry programs, Pierce's students can now take a wide range of academic and professional subjects there in a rural setting. Pierce College is also the site of the farm market, haunted house, petting zoo and many other fun activities for the family.

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