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Stockholm is famous for its environmental balance between ecology and anthropology and the inhabitants of the capital like being outdoors even if the climate sometimes is harsh. Apart from the famous library of Asplund, the environment is characterized by the presence of several valuable elements: the Observatory hill, the two annexes of highest architectural quality, the sightlines and the dramatic topography (both natural and artificial).
The proposal aims at preserving the visual integrity of Asplund’s library and at extending it to encompassing the annexes. The proposal aims at becoming a nature-metaphor by hanging the library on a forest of trunks, by wrapping it with a metallic foliage and by rooting it into the hill with a blooming gangway. With books donated by leading citizens and ice cream social fund-raisers, Woodland's earliest library was started by the women of the community in 1874.
The joint powers agreement ended in 1979, and in 1984, the community voted a users' tax to fund $2.5 million for renovation and expansion of the crowded and decaying, but historic building. The Friends of the Woodland Library will hold a book sale on Friday, June 20th (10am-6pm) and Saturday, June 21st (10am-3pm, with a bag sale 3-4pm).
The sale will be held in the Woodland Community Center on Park Street, across from the Woodland High School and next to the Woodland Library.
Friends of Blake Kincaid hosted a party for him as he is beginning a new job with FVRL in Vancouver.
It consists of roots (public areas), trunk (vertical communication) and foliage (open media collections and reading places). The competition for the new Stockholm City Library represents a unique opportunity for the people to rediscover the green acropolis (Observatory Hill) in the city centre and its forgotten views towards the city, a place which at present is isolated from urban life. It could also kill the relation between the Observatory Hill and the its immediate surroundings. This proposal preserves these elements and increases their value by integrating them into the new library.

This idea that refers to a well known praxis in European architectural history, allows renewing the image of the library still respecting the historical value of the existing buildings.
By lifting and lowering the new volumes, the ground level is cleared and the existing buildings are connected.
In the Woodland Library, just as in the Woodland Cemetery, the memory of place becomes place of memory.
According to the book Woodland: City of Trees - A History, by Shipley Walters, the first Woodland City Hall building was designed by C.
It has been enlarged three times; the original small square building is visible at the corner of Court and First streets.
An 1891 gift of $500 helped establish the free public library, which was provided a small space in City Hall. When completed in 1988, the building was double in size and met earthquake and handicapped-access standards.
20% of all food and beverages sold on March 13 will be donated to the Friends of the Woodland Library Building Campaign. Just like the roots of a tree are nourished by minerals, the connecting level below ground of the Woodland Library will be nourished by the media depositories and the visitor flow.
This forms a system of public squares arranged at several levels which integrates the library with the urban context and the public transport services (buses, Underground, City-Express), assuring pedestrian flows through the library.
Wilkinson in his book entitled Crafting a Valley Jewell on page 68, the library was one of the Carnegie-funded library buildings.
Compatible additions over the years, most recently in 1988, have created an open square with interior courtyard. Just like the trunk of a tree brings the sap upwards, the lifts and the stairs in the Woodland Library will transport visitors and media up into the new volume.

Wilkinson in his book Crafting a Valley Jewel on page 78, this a€?three-story hospital winga€? was designed by William Henry Weeks in the Classical Revival style.
Its architectural merit was recognized in 1981 when it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Just like the leaves of a tree protect the fruits, the foliage of the Woodland Library will protect the reading places and the media collections.
The original building, completed in 1905 and designed in the Mission Revival style was designed by the San Francisco architectural firm of Dodge & Dolliver, and William Henry Curson was the builder. Just like trees produce oxygen and therefore are essential for the body, the Woodland Library is essential for the mind. Later in 1915 the west wing with the Court Street entrance was added, and then in 1915 and 1927-29 there were very expansions added. From 1915 until 1979, a joint powers agreement existed with the Yolo County Library System. Children build shelters in the trees for reading while watching the world from above: the Woodland Library will be a shelter for reading while watching the city from above. It was built in 1892, and it was located on the southwest corner of First and Court streets. The separate City and County Libraries' administration systems occupied the same building and had limited shared operations, but had separate public service facilities.

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