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With all this tiger mania going on, imagine our excitement when The Seattle Public Library invited us to partner on its Summer of Learning Program. For starters, SPL has put together a fantastic reading list of nonfiction and fiction works featuring tigers. Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess, City Librarian Marcellus Turner, and Woodland Park Zoo President and CEO Dr. And while you’re at the Central Library, head to the third floor to see one of our Show Your Stripes tiger statues.

We don't recommend trying to pet a real tiger, but touching a beautiful piece of tiger art is a great way for kids to build empathy for the big cats. Aerial photo of the area of the University of Kentucky campus, showing the site of the new library on August 26, 1993. If it’s just a typical bologna-sandwich day, liven it up and join the zoo for two noon lectures at the Central Library. Deborah Jensen pose with Steve Jensen’s tiger art ambassador at its Seattle Public Library unveiling.

Look for special events and activities at your branch library, or join the Summer of Learning Program and spend the summer developing a love for all things orange and striped.
Young Library was built in the lower center area of the photo and bounded by Hilltop Avenue, at left, and Woodland Avenue, across the bottom of the photo.

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