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With 82 rail-trails in Washington state and 19 in Oregon, how can a bicyclist choose which trails to ride?
The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is helping to solve that problem by publishing an official guidebook for the region — Rail-Trails Washington and Oregon. The trails that pass through wide rural areas of Washington and Oregon offer a full helping of scenic delights, such as waterfalls, rushing rivers, dense forests, and views of snow-covered volcanic summits.
Each trail description is accompanied by a map that shows start and end points, parking, trail heads, restrooms and drinking water.
Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Scotplay can help with all your playground spare parts and repairs.  Whether your are a local authority, private business or education establishment please contact us with your inspection and repair requests. We have a vast knowledge of play equipment and can supply spare parts for all manufacturers.  If we cannot facilitate your request by phone, we can provide a free site consultation to meet your needs. The excellent Trail System has been nationally ranked as one of the nation’s premier hiking destinations. One of the fastest growing recreation activities, mountain biking in the White Mountains is a huge draw. When the desert summers heat up and golfing fanatics find their tee-times limited, the White Mountains offer full days of cool fun. The Madonna of the Trail is one of twelve statues built across the country in the 1930s to honor the spirit of the pioneer woman. From household items to tools of the common settler, this local museum documents life in Arizona. Located west of Springerville, the museum features an authentic presentation of ranching, outlaw, and pioneer history.
More than 1,000 miles of rail-trails suitable for bicycling wind across Washington’s landscape, with some 300 miles of trails in Oregon. The Chehalis-Western, Woodland, and Yelm-Tenino rail-trail network in Thurston County links Olympia, Lacey, Rainier and other small towns with off-road connections.
The trail descriptions note the trail surface, difficulty, railroad history and important landmarks or interesting highlights along the way.

From the rugged terrain of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest to the White Mountains Trail System, there are trails for all levels and ages.
The region is attracting hikers of all ages and abilities and is quickly becoming a burgeoning tourism draw as well. Traditionally, most trails go from point A to point B, requiring a return trip over the same terrain.
The club is a socially oriented organization with the purpose of promoting safety, conservation, and the education of fellow members and the public on protecting our land and the future of the sport.
Club members will have access to all of these trails and be invited to monthly rides and camping outings.
In accordance with Arizona Department of Game and Wildlife resource management, game hunts are planned and monitored throughout the year. The region is a magnet for golfers from throughout the southwest and boasts summer temperatures in the low 80’s. The 12-foot cast sculptures are monument sized and a popular draw for American art history buffs. These homes were handcrafted and built in Arizona when the state was in its infancy, and in some cases, still a territory. A truly unique museum nestled in the majestic canyon walls of the Little Colorado River, The Little House Museum houses a collection of local history including, historical photos and mementos marking the passage of time and style of life in Arizona.
They run the gamut from the busy Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle to the remote Willapa Hills Trail that connects Chehalis with South Bend. Bicycling or mountain biking is encouraged for all the trails, except the Coal Creek Trail in King County.
The White Mountains Trail System is a series of 25 to 30 interconnecting, multi-use trail loops ranging from the community of Vernon on the eastern edge and stretching to the community of Clay Springs in the west.
Most trails are also inhabited by watchable wildlife, including elk, bear, mountain lion, antelope, deer, javelina, turkey, quail, as well as rabbit.
Throughout the White Mountains TrailSystem, as well as the miles of Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest Service roads, mountain bike enthusiasts can travel for great distances without interference from motorized vehicles. Off-highway enthusiasts are invited to enjoy the beautiful White Mountain country while preserving the integrity of the landscape by riding trails designated for this purpose.

The museum traces the inhabitants of the region, beginning with dinosaurs who called the banks of the Little Colorado River home.
The system includes urban trails in the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside, the City of Show Low and the Wagon Wheel area.
Depending on the season, waterfowl are also found throughout the abundant lakes and streams. With the high altitude, triathletes are discovering the White Mountains region as a prime training location. Bear, mountain lion, antelope, deer, javelina, turkey, quail, rabbit and waterfowl are also found in this area. Although most courses are closed during the winter, they reopen in spring with full slates of classes, driving ranges, tournaments and scrambles.
Currently five delightful parks are being connected to the System: Fools Hollow Lake, Woodland Lake Park, Big Springs Environmental Study Area and Billy Creek.
Loops vary in size, allowing a pleasant evening walk, a day-hike with a stop at selected picnic-type areas, a multi-day horseback trail ride, an adventurous back-pack trip, or a scenic mountain bike tour. It has been estimated that within the TrailSystem and connecting trails, a bike rider can travel for more than 120 miles without interruption. There is information about the Spanish Explorer Coronado, who with his expedition, crossed the river near St.
A truly unique museum nestled in the majestic canyon walls of the Little Colorado River, The Little House Museum features a collection of local history including, historical photos and mementos marking the passage of time and style of life. In addition to the Arizona state controlled hunting, the White Mountain Apache Tribe organizes game draws as well. Later, in the 1880s pioneer families arrived from the East and re-settled the area calling it St.

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