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Woodland Park Zoo has a hand curved carousel that was made in 1918 by Philadelphia Toboggan Company.
With all the wonderful animals and scenery to enjoy with your family, a tour to the park can be a whole day escapade. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Welcome to ZooChat, the world's largest community built especially for zoo and animal conservation enthusiasts.
Since there is all this talk of giraffe exhibits, this is what a giraffe enclosure should look like.
Then again Woodland Park Zoo has some of the best exhibits for all its animals except really the tigers, clouded leopards, and sloth bears.
The zoo is twice as green (literally!) as it was 40 years ago, and there has been a push for immersive, naturalistic exhibits. The carousel of that has 48 hand-carved horses is regarded one of the best carousels left in the U.S. The zoo hosts a number of outdoor musical concerts throughout summer months, known as Zoo Tunes.

Though the zoo may not be the largest of all, it provides a day of fun that will not be forgotten. Our discussion forums are full of fascinating information and news about zoos and animals, and our amazing collection of photographs of animals and zoos worldwide is unsurpassed.
The 92 acres are divided into bioclimatic zones, allowing animals to roam freely in the habitat areas.
They include the African Savanna and Village, The Raptor Center, Tropical Asia, the Northern Trail, Bug World, Australasia, the Tropical Rainforest and the Humboldt Penguin exhibit. Every guide is available in big print with easy to follow directions to all the different places the park has to offer. The Woodland Park Zoo is also a wonderful place for beer and wine tastings with samples from more than 25 breweries and wineries. Camp topics include Animal Architects, Animal Survival and Animals on the Fly to name a few. The zoo does offer snack carts and Woodland Park Zoo also has big open areas where you can enjoy a picnic-style lunch.
You may also find our zoo maps interesting and useful, and our chatroom is a great place to hang out and talk about your favourite zoos.

If you are looking for a park to take your family to, Woodland Park Zoo will not disappoint. There is also a wonderful butterfly exhibit but it is only open from May through September. Some of the provided map tour options include an Art Tour Guide, a Monkey Tour and a Field Trip Guide.
There are also many places to explore, special performances and various animals that you can pet.
Woodland Park Zoo also hosts over-night escapades for both kids and adults to solve mysteries and learn how zoologists investigate animal behaviors during the night.

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