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Woodland Park Zoo is hailed as one of the finest zoos in the world for its award-winning naturalistic exhibits. In the all new heart of the zoo, Malayan tigers and sloth bears inhabit the state-of-the-art Banyan Wilds exhibit.
Encounter waddling penguins that aren’t from a land of ice, but from a desert by the sea at the Humboldt penguin exhibit.
Attend a summer outdoor concert, a tasting event, a conservation event, or many other special events that support wildlife (separate tickets often required). Shop, dine and picnic at conservation-minded ZooStores, restaurants and picnic areas located throughout the expansive horticultural landscape. A portion of every dollar you spend at the zoo supports animal conservation in the Northwest and around the world.
A host of zoo classes, programs, camps and educator opportunities are offered at the zoo year-round for all ages—infants through adults. Search for the free Woodland Park Zoo mobile app for iPhone, iPad or Android in your app store.
Woodland Park Zoo has a hand curved carousel that was made in 1918 by Philadelphia Toboggan Company. With all the wonderful animals and scenery to enjoy with your family, a tour to the park can be a whole day escapade. For over 100 years, the Woodland Park Zoo has been a famous part of the Emerald City and strolling through its acres of beautiful exhibits is considered one of the best Seattle activities. Supporting conservation and education, this Seattle zoo also participates in animal rescue and efforts towards rehabilitating and rescuing endangered species. A short drive north from downtown Seattle, the Woodland Park Zoo Seattle is considered one of the best on the globe.
At the Woodland Park Zoo, you need to spend at least four to six hours to fully take in all the exhibits and displays. The Woodland Park Zoo hosts a number of fun events around holiday like the Bunny Bounce in the spring or the lavish annual themed benefit Jungle Party.
There is an African Savanna exhibit at the Seattle zoo that has a recreation of an African Village. If you want to have an experience you won't find anywhere else in the country, a visit to the Woodland Park Zoo will impress and delight you.

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Discover over 1,000 animals in this lush 92-acre oasis located just minutes from downtown Seattle. Explore the African Savanna, Australasia, Northern Trail, Tropical Asia, Temperate Forest, Jaguar Cove, Family Farm, Humboldt penguins, and the new Banyan Wilds. If we can protect their habitat and keep them out of the hands of poachers, tiger populations can rebound.
Meet a family of squealing Asian small-clawed otters as they take care of pups, hunt for fish, groom, and tumble over each other in a marsh or on the beach.
Explore, climb and slide in Zoomazium, an all-season, nature play space where kids can connect with animals, habitats and more through the natural language of childhood—play! Woodland Park Zoo saves animals and their habitats through conservation leadership and engaging experiences, inspiring people to learn, care and act. Track your visit with a GPS-enabled map, customize your schedule, access animal fact sheets, and take unique tours with the free mobile app available for iOS and Android.
The carousel of that has 48 hand-carved horses is regarded one of the best carousels left in the U.S. The zoo hosts a number of outdoor musical concerts throughout summer months, known as Zoo Tunes. Though the zoo may not be the largest of all, it provides a day of fun that will not be forgotten. Set in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle, near Green Lake and Fremont, the Zoo is part of Woodland Park. It is filled with authentic habitat that allows the animal to have the most comfort and a pleasant setting for them to live. Also, two Sumatran tiger cubs were born at the Zoo recently, part of a successful breeding program at the Woodland Park Zoo Seattle.
Other award winning exhibits include the Tropical Rain Forest exhibit, the Elephant Forest, and the Northern Trail exhibit. For over 65 years we have provided our clients with exquisite beauty, unsurpassed quality, stunning choices and unparalleled professionalism from our spacious and accessible store in Olympia, Washington. At ForeverWed, we carry a large collection of wedding supplies as well as gifts and favors for wedding receptions, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, corporate parties, holiday parties, birthdays, anniversaries and more.
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Banyan Wilds explores the diversity of Asia’s tropical forests and the crossroads we face as communities learn to coexist with wildlife. Woodland Park Zoo and Panthera work with on-the-ground partners in Malaysia to protect tigers and their forest homes. Discover a range of wildlife topics from animal defenses and conservation to creating your own backyard habitat. The 92 acres are divided into bioclimatic zones, allowing animals to roam freely in the habitat areas. They include the African Savanna and Village, The Raptor Center, Tropical Asia, the Northern Trail, Bug World, Australasia, the Tropical Rainforest and the Humboldt Penguin exhibit. Every guide is available in big print with easy to follow directions to all the different places the park has to offer. The Woodland Park Zoo is also a wonderful place for beer and wine tastings with samples from more than 25 breweries and wineries.
Camp topics include Animal Architects, Animal Survival and Animals on the Fly to name a few. The zoo does offer snack carts and Woodland Park Zoo also has big open areas where you can enjoy a picnic-style lunch. The area that was split up into Woodland Park and the Woodland Park Zoo once covered an area of 188 acres.
There are over 300 animals on display, and there are over 65 acres of excellent naturalistic exhibits and habitat recreations.
Experience the rural beauty of our corner of Puget Sound – close to Seattle and ferries. If you are looking for a park to take your family to, Woodland Park Zoo will not disappoint. There is also a wonderful butterfly exhibit but it is only open from May through September. Some of the provided map tour options include an Art Tour Guide, a Monkey Tour and a Field Trip Guide.
A Boston firm called the Olmstead Brothers then began the process of designing the new public Seattle parks. Snow leopards, wild dogs, giraffes, and hippos will awe you when you see them in their natural settings at the Woodland Park Zoo Seattle. Also, check out Day Camps offered during school breaks, Zoo Overnight and Evening Adventures.
There are also many places to explore, special performances and various animals that you can pet. Woodland Park Zoo also hosts over-night escapades for both kids and adults to solve mysteries and learn how zoologists investigate animal behaviors during the night.

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