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Nowadays however, the vast majority of ancient woodlands in the UK are not managed in any serious manner. KWES will offer an opportunity for practical work experience and employment in Kent’s ancient woodlands for ex-service personnel, young people and ex-offenders.   Many woodlands that are currently neglected will be regularly coppiced and rejuvenated to produce not just wood products but, particularly, fuel in the form of properly seasoned logs.
The three year scheme will enable KWES trainees to obtain qualifications via East Malling Research, one of the UK’s top training organisations, so that they can look forward to secure and worthwhile jobs.
A gallery reflecting the diverse flora and fauna of Burnham Beeches ancient woodland in Buckinghamshire.
Desktop wallpaper of a rocky footpath in the woods at Padley Gorge at the Longshaw Estate - Derbyshire.
To download a tree wallpaper for your computer's desktop, just click the size you require from the list to the right of the image. The photographs and images on this site are for use as desktop backgrounds on personal computer's, tablets and phones. The Southeast Woodland comprises approximately 20  acres in the southeast corner of Timberhill.  It borders a ridgetop meadow in the center of the property.
Recovery of the understory plants has been inconsistent.  After three prescribed burns yellow ladyslipper orchids appeared clinging to the side of seepy bluff overlooking the ravine at the north end.

But  ectomycorrhizal fungi that have fruited here since we began managing this woodland have compensated for the lack of floristic quality. This entry was posted in Fungi, Land management, Plants and tagged Oak savanna fungi by SBrown.
Founded by William & Sibylla Brown in 1993, Timberhill Oak Savanna comprises 200 acres of woodlands, prairie openings and wetlands in Decatur County, Iowa.
Such woods have been in existence for hundreds of years providing timber for construction, logs for fuel and for the production of the charcoal used for smelting iron. The trees are regularly harvested by being cut back after several years almost to ground level.  The stump that is left produces several shoots which are allowed to re-grow so the tree will never die. They have close contacts with statutory bodies involved in training and apprenticeships, and with ex-service organisations.
Kent’s ancient woodlands will once again have a sustainable future and be restored to their full glory. It will also mean that the full worth of Kent’s ancient woodlands will once again be realised as vital to our environment and also a way to help reduce climate change. First to give our apprentices worthwhile jobs which, coupled with their classroom training, and experience in the ancient woodlands of Kent, will lead them to their qualifications awarded by East Malling Research.  The second aim is to regenerate Kent’s ancient woodlands to help safeguard our environmental heritage and preserve our landscapes for many generations to come. Pockets of other conservative plants such as false hellebore are scattered through the rest of the woodland, but much of the understory is still in early stages of recovery.

These woodlands are also a sanctuary for more rare and threatened species of flora and fauna than can be found anywhere else in the UK.  They are often described as an irreplaceable resource. Many also contain archaeological features  providing evidence of past land use as ancient woods were continuously managed by coppicing over the centuries.
Another form of coppicing is called pollarding, where the wood is harvested at about human head height to prevent the new shoots being eaten by grazing species such as deer and sheep.
The greatest threat to ancient woodland is however probably ‘neglect’ in the sense that they are not being managed at all.
Bolete spores are released from inside these pores.)  Several have been species new to Iowa records.
Both techniques encourage new growth while allowing the sustainable production of timber and other woodland produce.

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