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Our new dedicated baby & toddler nursery opened its doors on 18th May in Springfield Road, Southborough.
As a leading Southborough children's day nursery, we are an extension of Woodlands Pre-School (formerly Woodlands Day Nursery) which is rated "Outstanding by OFSTED". Each child at Woodlands Day Nursery in Southborough has their own key person who responds sensitively to the individual needs, feelings and behaviour of your child. Our exciting, all-weather garden is designed to aid children's mental and physical development. The day nursery serves all children delicious, healthy and nutritious meals which are freshly cooked onsite using ingredients from trusted suppliers - please click on the menu tab above to see what is being served this week.
Our cosy, nurturing baby room at our Southborough children's day nursery has a variety of toys and natural resources for the children to explore and stimulate their senses. Children have plenty of one-to-one time with their key person, looking at books, singing nursery rhymes, playing musical instruments and being helped and encouraged to crawl and even walk.
The babies go outside every day, either into our fantastic new garden or for walks in our triple buggies, either in the surrounding woodlands or to the local duck pond. Our toddler room is a large and bright area which can hold 12 one to two-year-olds at any one time. This room's variety of toys and resources will help children to develop in all areas- from trains and farms to exploring pine cones and shells to climbing our practice stairs. Our exciting, all weather garden at our day nursery in Southborough has been specifically designed to aid children's mental and physical development. No matter what time of year, babies and toddlers can safely enjoy the play equipment which includes a stage, a tipi and bridge as well as an array of sensory features throughout the garden. If you are looking for superior quality childcare, and want to find out more about your local Asquith Nursery, why not come along to our nationwide open day this May?

To find your nearest Asquith children's nursery, simply enter your postcode and distance and click 'Go'. Leggett: House for sale in DOULLENS - Somme - 4 bedroom family home in superb condition in the woodlands of the Authie Valley in the Suisse-Picarde area of the Somme. Somme - 4 bedroom family home in superb condition in the woodlands of the Authie Valley in the Suisse-Picarde area of the Somme. Surrounded on all sides by trees, the village of Barly lies in this spectacular part of the Authie Valley known as Suisse-Picard because of it's resemblance to the Alpine landscape when it snows.
We have made every effort to ensure that the information on this web site is current and informative. Please tick if you wish to receive promotions, special offers and other information about Asquith from time to time.
Woodlands day nursery is the only nursery in Southborough to be specifically designed for children under the age of 2 years. It features a stage, an "up and under" tunnel, a tipi, as well as a soft surface for babies and toddlers alike to enjoy the outdoor environment safely. Our friendly, experienced and highly qualified staff are on hand to conduct a personal show round at a time to suit you. Information is shared on a daily basis with all parents both verbally and by either a daily information sheet or contact book, providing daily information about the child’s day at nursery. A prime focus is Messy play, allowing the children to explore and use all their senses while having fun.
It's hard to believe that it's less than 2 hours from Calais and is easily accessible from N. To reserve your place please call Amanda on 01753 20 11 22 or book online by filling in the form below.

There is also a cosy corner with an extensive library of age-appropriate books for the children to share, either as a group or during one-to-one time with their key person. Then bang, all hell let loose as the tip of the feeder rod swung round, resulting in a nice Carp on it's way to the net. The main garden to the back stretches to the wooded hills as they rise up to the plateau giving a spectacular view. A cage feeder with a mix of pellet and crumb and pellet paste on the hook headed out towards the island. There is something about bacon, sausage and tomato rolls and a cup of tea that can't be said for the warm ham sandwiches in the bottom of my tackle-box and these ones certainly did the trick.Back to the fishing. Mid-day came, the sun was out,  the breeze kept dropping and the fish were starting to stir. I was back on the pole drowning two maggots on a size 18, the luncheon meat in peg17 had been swapped for red maggot and peg 18 had resorted to a waggler fished hard over to a cut between our island and the next. Again with two red maggots but only at 18inch depth.Steady feeding produced a mixed bag of Carp and skimmers with a couple of decent Bream for myself.
Carp came steadily to the red maggots on the feeder next to me and in peg 18, the waggler was struggling to stay above the surface  with Carp coming steadily. Invite us to your Fishery and we'll give you a reviewe-mailIf  you've been fishing lately and had a good, bad, or humorous day get writing.

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