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As I mentioned in an earlier post about Adding Figures To A Model Railroad, I enjoy going 'figure shopping' and looking for new things to add to my model railway. Seeing this Deer set by Woodland Scenics, I immediately knew where I wanted to place them -- behind the Country Chapel on the hill! I wanted to create an idyllic scene next to the Chapel, with shady trees and lush green grass. And looking at these deer figures up close, I'll need to break out the magnifying glass and super-fine paintbrushes one of these days to give the factory paint-job a little touch up. So we just got back from Gen Con 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana and while I was down there demoing games and purchasing all kinds of goodies, I took a bit of time to take pictures of some various terrain and scenery setups around the convention.

This two-story, brick-patterned courthouse is a highly detailed, stately representation of American courthouses that stand at the center of every county seat. I decided to use various shades of dark green and light green -- the light green to give the impression of sprouting new leaves. Users are forbidden to reproduce, republish, redistribute, or resell any materials from this website in either machine-readable form or any other form without permission. Features include chimneys and full roof detail, drainage, propane tank, figures, cannon, flagpole and Old Glory. The stones along the river bank are natural pebbles, collected just outside my home in Sweden.

Funny thing about this stag -- I occasionally have to re-attach standing figures because they either fall over, or start leaning at a peculiar angle.
The partially pre-assembled walls and prefinished edges makes kit assembly quick, easy and accurate.

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