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Take the opportunity to enjoy a ride on a 5” gauge miniature steam train.  The WDSME, also known as Wimborne District Society of Model Engineers, have been giving rides to the public since 1978 and the next Running Day is on the 7th October. The society was formed in 1975 by a group of enthusiasts interested in model engineering and small steam locomotives. For the enthusiastics it’s undoubtedly a great day out.  The train rides are free for all ages, with just a donation box and you are welcomed to ask the driver any questions you may have.
Click on each picture for a closer look!.During my visit yesterday to Roundhouse Park, I took the opportunity to photograph the wooden platforms surrounding the twin tracks passing by Don Station.
Click on each picture for a closer look!.The pace of construction of the miniature railway track has largely been dictated by the pace at which Pine Valley, the contractors for the development of the roadbed, have completed their work. Click on each picture for a closer look!.As reported here earlier, the opening of Leon's new store is part of the Roundhouse's history.
Click on the image for a closer look!.The TRHA Website now has a new front page featuring this image of #6213 on the turntable. Click on each picture for a closer look!.Work continued on completing the miniature railway track system in Roundhouse Park last weekend. Click on each image for a closer look!.One of the new additions to Roundhouse Park is a mural on the side of the structure which houses the main stairwell to the underground parking garage of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and opposite the main entrance to Leon's. Click on each picture for a closer look!.One of the most important things one must do for either a business or a public facility such as the Toronto Railway Heritage Centre is to brand it well so that the public becomes aware of them. Click on each picture for a closer look!.A TRHA track crew has been hard at work on the miniature track loop past Cabin D.
Click on each picture for a closer look!.In the picture at left, team members Lance and Wilson show off TRHA handiwork in the form of a newly-installed but old-and-recycled door hold-open post at the rear of stall 15.
Click on each image for a closer look!.These pictures show the progress in building a pair of miniature railway tracks on a passenger loading platform in front of Don Station.
Click on each picture for a closer look!.With the large audience coming to the Roundhouse to participate in Leon's grand opening, we had a great opportunity to display locomotives in our collection, uncovering some that had been wrapped in white plastic before being moved out of the roundhouse. Click on each picture for a closer look!.As mentioned earlier, the Sweet Creek miniature locomotive had made its first trial runs on the Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers track in Hamilton. Click on each picture for a closer look!.As mentioned in a prior news posting, a feature at this evenmt was the tirple heading of a train pulled by three steam engines. Click on each picture for a closer look!.Recently, Riverdale Historical Society President Gerald Whyte advised me that there was an interesting item in an old magazine in the Baldwin Room at the Toronto Reference Library. Click on each picture for a closer look!.Six of us from the TRHA went up to Richmond Hill Live Steamers (RHLS) today toparticipate in the 1st GTA International Miniature Railway Meet for miniature locomotiveowners. Click on each picture for a closer look!.As reported here there has been tremendous progress ove the past year or two in transforming Roundhouse Park into the Toronto Railway Heritage Centre.
Click on the picture for a closer look!.The grand opening of Leon's new store in the Roundhouse happened on Tuesday, July 8th. Click on each picture for a closer look!.As preparations continue for the opening of the new Leon's store in the Roundhouse, we see in the photo at the upper left that a new sidewalk area is being poured.

Click on each picture for a closer look!.This Saturday, July 11, I will be leading a Heritage Toronto walk, Union Station and the Railway Lands. Click on each picture for a closer look!.In today's posting , we have couple of pictures of #6213 on the turntable.
Click on each picture for a closer link!.In a recent news item, we documented the placing of Leon's new sign.
Click on the picture for a closer look!.This photo shows the rail carts that we built over the last winters under the teams guided by Dave Wetherald. Click on each picture for a closer look!.On Monday June 29, a meeting was held at Roundhouse Park to deal with some issues that have come up regarding the restoration of the Don Station. Click on each picture for a closer look!.In the picture at the left above, we find excavation starting about a month ago on Leon's loading dock at the rear of the Roundhouse. Click on the picture for a closer look!.In keeping with our TRHA mandate to research, interpret and communicate the rich railway history in the Toronto area, today we turn to reporting on one of several significant Canada Day historical events as reported today in the Toronto Railway Heritage Yahoo Group by Derek Boles, TRHA Historian.
The steam locomotives are coal fired and work at a steam pressure of around 100lbs per sq inch.
In the picture at the upper left, we see a dramatic photo of the "roundhouse" sign on top of the coaling tower which we have reported on before.
This section has a deck like that at Don Station to provide public access to Cabin D and it's tool shed, the northern part of the railway heritage village. The post was previously used to hold a pair of locomotive doors open at the front of the building but was replaced during the renovations. As it turned out a variety of issues prevented any of our American friends from driving up but we had a great time anyway with guests from Montreal and Kingston and one miniature railway enthusiast from England.
In the picture above, Orin Krivel, our TRHA president, spoke to the audience at the opening along with other dignitaries. All the engines have been built by hand using various techniques and are just small replicas of the larger ones.
1872-1906, Special number of the Mail & Empire, 1906, pages 176 and 177) is for the Conboy Carriage Company and features an engraving, as shown in the images at the upper left and in the upper middle, depicted a southbound Canadian Pacific passenger train departing from the Don Station for Union Station.
As far as we can determine, a brush fire partially burned the station and, rather than replacing the wood siding, the CPR nailed metal siding all around the outside of the building. Built on the site of Toronto's first Union Station (1858), the new facility occupied most of the block between York and Simcoe streets. The station building has also been built from the timbers of the old platelayers hut from Wareham station and the signal box from redundant bricks from Poole station after it was re-built – recycling at its best. The train and station are only foreground detail for the main subject of the ad, which is, of course, the carriage factory. A ravine across the middle required the construction of a lengthy trestle bridge carrying two tracks some fifteen feet up in the air.
The three track trainshed was 470 feet in length and the 100-foot high clock tower was long the most familiar landmark on Toronto's waterfront.

Typical of advertising in that era, the perspective is greatly exaggerated; modest factory buildings were often transformed into vast industrial complexes. Running there is like driving your locomotive through the tree tops!.One of the highlights was running a 'triple-header' of three locomotives, a CP 2-6-2 piloting a CP 2-8-0 ahead of a 2-8-2.
As you're undoubtedly aware from our daily updates on this website, the Roundhouse area is still an active construction zone..For those who've been on my Union Station tour and are wondering if this walk is different, indeed it is! Great Western and Northern trains continued to use their own Toronto terminals until those railways were absorbed by the Grand Trunk in the 1880s. In the early years of the automotive industry, the purchasers of upscale automobiles often arranged to have the car bodies custom built for them by local firms.
Although Canadian Pacific built the station in 1896, in its latter years after the number of passenger trains had dwindled and the operators were mostly involved in servicing CN freight trains. By the 1890s, all railways operating into Toronto were at Union Station and the facility was extensively remodeled by 1896.
Conboy also built the first production bodies for McLaughlin-Buicks on the introduction of that car in Canada. The 1873 headhouse remained in operation until the present Union Station opened in August 1927. The company evidently did not survive World War I, which curtailed automotive manufacturing in favour of the production of military materiel and vehicles.
The clock was removed from the tower before demolition and has been preserved in Huntsville. The front of the Conboy building was gutted in 1931 and a new faintly Chicago Style facade was built facing the river.
The picture in the middle below shows the Conboy building in 1931 while renovations were underway and after the new facade had been built. In the 1950s, the Don Valley Parkway was built between the factory and the river..Anyway, back to railways! The perspective in the ad is looking northeast with Queen Street on the left crossing over the Don River. In 1911 a new higher level bridge was built to eliminate the level crossing and carry Queen over the river.
There was a railway track running along the east side of the Don River although I can find no evidence that there was a siding for the Conboy Company on the south side of the building. The CPR passenger train is being hauled by a 4-6-0, a typical express passenger engine in 1906 that would in a few years be supplanted by the 4-6-2 Pacific as trains became longer and heavier.
Trundling along Queen Street can be seen a streetcar of the Toronto Railway Company, although the route names were not emblazoned on the sides.

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