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A Selection of Still Images from this New York City Google Business Photo Session with Black Paw Photo! One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer is finding new and innovative ways and locations to photograph couples. While the place allows photography, I didn’t want to be a jerk and decided not to use flash and shot everything a little more conspicuously with my D700 and a 35mm lens.
David Whitley heads down to a very special underground station to discover tales of the people who built the transport system that keeps New York moving. It operates 24 hours a day, connecting 468 stations and carrying over five million people every weekday. The Subway is taken for granted by New Yorkers and visitors alike, but building it wasn’t like constructing normal railway lines.
During an eight hour workday, each workman was expected to take away around 50 wheelbarrows worth of waste. Those tunnelling under the land had it bad, but the dangers were far higher for the specialists taking the tunnels underwater. Amongst the photos of mules plodding through the tunnels and workers caked in the sort of rock dust that gave many of them silicosis, one story stands out.  On April 1st, 1916, labourer Marshall Mabey and two other men were working in a compressed air tunnel under the East River. And when you hear his tale, you get a lot more understanding about having to work a way around the map when some of the stations are closed on a Sunday afternoon. Thinking of  paying the “Big Apple” a bite? Virgin Holidays has been providing exotic, tailored holiday packages since 1985. Sometimes clients come to me with engagement themes plotted out (down to the outfits), and other times I have to work a little harder to find a place that works for the couple.
Hannah and Sergio were adorable, as they playfully meandered between the cars, picking their favorites for impromptu photo shoots.

It’s Sunday, and improvement works at some stations have sent Brooklyn into confused chaos.
It’s a quick dip into another world – Manhattan feels like a completely different city to Brooklyn – then back out again. Between 1900 and 1925, more than 30,000 men were employed in building the original network.
They got paid reasonably well for their efforts given the cost of living at the time, but there was no compensation if they got injured.
Part of the problem was that much of the schist rock that makes up Manhattan is layered at odd angles. Tunnels were at constant risk of flooding, the compressed air pumped in made things ferociously hot, and at the lowest points the pressure was too much for many to bear. A hole saw them sucked out and propelled through the water, into the air – they were shot out from the bottom of the river. The ease of today’s Subway didn’t just take hard work and vision – it took a lot of sacrifice too. With destinations from the USA to the Far East; you can be certain that you’ll be booking an exceptional experience regardless of whether your prefer spa resorts or more direct cultural engagement.
In this case, Sergio called me and told me that he was a big fan of trains and buses and really wanted to be photographed with his bride-to-be at the New York Transit Museum. After about an hour, we headed up to the Chip Shop—their favorite spot to watch soccer—and then made our way to the waterfront. Getting from the Brooklyn Bridge to Williamsburg requires Herculean feats of deduction given closures to the lines that usually connect them. In New York, they had to be constructed under an already crammed city heaving with people and buildings.

Most were drawn from pools of recent immigrants, organised by community leaders snaffling an elaborate range of kickbacks.
It regularly broke loose and slid avalanche-like into the tunnels following dynamite blasts. Cases of the Bends – the horrific affliction that takes out divers if they go too deep without equalising properly – were fairly common.
For those not in the know, the NY Transit Museum is a hidden gem nestled in the bowels of Brooklyn and built in an old New York subway station. Sadly, the skies opened up and engulfed us in rain, but after a few short minutes, we were treated to a spectacular rainbow. Even when it’s trying to mess with you by introducing cunningly placed engineering works, the New York City Subway system is still a marvel. The tracks are still live – a rogue train could career its way in if it wanted to – but the Court Street station is otherwise off the network. They had no modern technology to help them out – most of the work was done by brutally hard shovelling. In October 1903, the worst incident saw ten men crushed to death by a runaway boulder in Washington Heights. You can spend hours learning about the history of one of the world’s oldest subway systems and trolling through the dozens of subway cars from eras long past.

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