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Decreased transportation level, required for production level change, from 75% to 62.5% for fishing grounds.
ECS Chemical Plant now produces at least 1 ton of fertilizer if at least 1000 litres of refined products waiting. Coded new Steel mill graphics by Oz with 3 constriction stages and amount of smoke according to production level. Steel mill and Vehicles factory will close themselves in 2 years if they are in town zone 4. ECS Furniture Factory, ECS Paper Mill, ECS Printing Works now support new closure mechanism. Inserted steel, wood, wood products, lime, rubber graphics into gondola for xUSSR train set. Hi,if voting it is still actual, for me prototype BUS 4 ( T16=4+8+4 ) looks most realistic.In my opinion, It is not a problem that vehicle has some glitches in tunnels. ECS Oil Refinery now produces at least 1000 litres of petrol if at least 1000 litres of oil waiting.

100% if less than 50% exhausted, 75% if less than 75% exhausted, 50% if less than 87.5% exhausted, 25% in the other case.
Long Vehicles currently look outsized anyway.I'd be pleased with a better scaled version too, but the amount of work would be eye watering! Though I doubt people would like having a nuclear powered bus running through their cities and country. I is really funny when bus splits in 2 parts on a hil For trucks it would be alright to split.George, just do nothing till openttd developers provide necessary interface for long vehicles OR make a patch . Maybe a bus this big would have something like a small locomotive engine or a huge truck engine. I have decoded the NFO of LV5 trucks, the problem is that with only a PNG with thousands of sprites is hard to find all sprites needed even when looking at the NFO decoded as a guide.So George would you be willing to share with me the LV5 sprites (the graphics files that you probably have separated in multiple folders or PNG's, making it much easier to add their positions, sizes and offset's)?

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