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Dear Marklin Friends,Most of the beautiful locomotives we see on this forum come from Marklin's HO range of models, and they really are very good. One of the most iconic locomotives has to be the Marklin 0-6-0 that was introduced in so many starter sets in 1972.
American Z Line, or AZL has really opened up the door to z scale railroading with very nice selection of locomotives. I know, the controller is really a boring thing to start with, but when you understand why we started with this,  you will see that even before the track and your first locomotive, the controller must be taken into consideration. When Marklin introduced z scale,they were smart enough to offer a complete set that came with the correct controller. While MRC does not offer a z scale controller per say, the MRC1300 is available modified for safe use for z scale.
If you are new to z scale you may think you can just grab an old controller and hook it up to your z scale track and you are ready to roll. William Dean Wright is known for producing high quality z scale cars that represent some very interesting subjects. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

They come with grassinstalled, brown paint in the countryside areas, grey paint in the city areas, rock formations done, lake is already there, and the mountains are formed. I thought I could redress the balance a bit by showing some of their smaller sisters, almost a third of the size. Incredible detail for such small models!!!May I respectfully sugegst that you dont compress the photos so much? Interesting.I just had a look at the original photo as mentioned in my previous post and it is smaller than the one shown above. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). However, if I reduce the window size the image stays the same so it may be detecting the screen size. In addition to the classic Marklin line, you now have Amtrak in z scale from Micro Trains and AZL. Rokuhan makes a very nice compact controller that has the proper power output for the tiny z scale engines.
You should be able (just) to read the running numbers of all the locos, though there were depth of field problems with a few pictures.

Micro Trains is offering a nice Amtrak commuter set featuring an F7 locomotive, a baggage car and three coach cars. The RC02 controller features constant lighting and you can snap on remote turnout controls as needed. Because of the proximity of a tree, the photos with the loco facing right would have been slightly darker.
AZL offers an Amtrak F59PHI Locomotive in Amtrak West and Amtrak California, each with 3 different road numbers.
While an excellent concept, and very efficient, these locos were never a success being difficult to maintain and suffering from corrosion problems. Have a look there and see if that is different in any way from the image above.All the best,Chris.

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