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We got this app quite a while ago and I’m pretty sure it was either free or 99 cents at the time. If you have a toddler or preschool app you’d like Jax and I to review, please contact me with details. We have the Alphabet app as well – it was the first baby app I bought, long before he paid attention to the iPad. I just grabbed the free Elmo Calls app, but he isn’t into Elmo so he keeps hanging up on him, hehe.
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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive new posts by email as soon as they go live! He has impressed so many people, both relatives and strangers, while solving the word puzzles. He was having a hard time with a wooden puzzle he had in real life, but after playing the puzzle game a bit he started to be able to solve it. I also bought the Interactive Alphabet by Pi’ikea Street which he is really starting to like the more we look at it.
At first he’d just drag any letter to any spot, but he quickly realized that he needed to match them and started looking for similar shapes.
He didn’t understand the track puzzles for quite a while and would ask me to do it for him so he could see the train go around the completed track.
They have given him a good foundation for learning to recognize  letters and put them into words.

And I downloaded the PBS app for free which plays little snippets of all their shows, since PBS Kids and Yo Gabba Gabba are the only cartoons we watch on TV. He LOVES that the game gives him stickers after he solves three words (you also get stickers every 3 picture and train track puzzles.) He gets so excited and exclaims “Oh! I think we’d even pay an extra dollar for an upgrade pack if it were to double our content.

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