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Questo sito si avvale di cookie tecnici e di cookie analitici, anche di terze parti, necessari al funzionamento, alla condivisione sui social network e alla visualizzazione di media. Nelson Mandela was the first President of South Africa to be elected in a fully democratic election. Al Gore is a perfect example of someone who can suffer a crushing defeat and get back up to do something great.
Like her or lump her, Oprah Winfrey has been the most powerful and influential female voice on television for the last decade. I once read a book on Bruce Lee where the author said that you could go into any house in the world and everyone would know three people – Buddha, Jesus and Bruce Lee. In the last two years Barack Obama has cruised on to the world stage to become one of the most well respected and admired men of the last 100 years. Gandhi is revered by over a billion Indian citizens and peace loving people the world over. As I said, Al Gore and his movie An Inconvenient Truth has done more for the environment than just about any other person in history.
Seems the post did, in fact, provoke some thoughts from you, Miss Abby; albeit quite negative and judgmental. ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU PUT AL GORE AND OBAMA IN THE SAME CLASS OF PEOPLE WITH MLK,JR., MOTHER TERESA, AND GHANDI????????????????????? Over the last 100 years, Mohandas Gandhi has taken on legendary status and become one of the most admired and well-known leaders in the history of the world.
Today, October 2nd, is Gandhi’s 146th birthday, and on this day we honor his accomplishments, his values, and his undying optimism and faith in humankind. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in 1869 in the coastal city of Porbanadar, Gujarat – in Northwest India. His mother was especially influential in his life, and she taught him most of the ideals he would carry with him throughout his life. Gandhi married at the very young age of 13 to a girl of the same age (normal practice at the time). Gandhi was a well-educated and very literate child, but had grown up to be a very quiet and shy man. During his time in England, he felt deeply out of place and struggled to fit in – even to the point where broke some of his own personal codes just to win social acceptance. After graduating, Gandhi returned to India to practice law, but was initially very unsuccessful. Although he had first class passenger tickets, he was told he would have to move back to third class simply because he was non-white. Immersing himself in his religious roots, Gandhi created and embraced what he called “Satyagraha,” forceful non-violent resistance to injustice. Always ready to help out, Gandhi organized a volunteer ambulance unit during World War 1 – to help out injured British and Indian soldiers. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, an outbreak of violence took place between the British and Indians in 1922, and Gandhi was held responsible. After getting out of jail, Gandhi decided to punish himself for the violence that took place, which he felt partly responsible for.
England’s viceroy at the time knew that something had to be done, or world opinion would turn against them, so he met with Gandhi and together they created the Delhi Pact, which allowed Indians limited salt production and freed all those who had been arrested. Despite his sincere efforts to stay out of politics, Gandhi couldn’t stay on the sidelines for very long.
Fortunately, Gandhi was a prolific writer who wrote many books on his experiences and his religious beliefs, including his autobiography, The Story of My Experiments with Truth. Mohandas Gandhi has won many awards as well, including Time magazine’s Man of the Year in 1930. Today, the name Gandhi has become synonymous with peace and non-violence – and deservedly so. The Infinite Fire blog is a place for exploring interesting ideas about morality, human behavior, social reform, and humanitarian action. Gandhi, sab?rl?ca annenin bu yakar?s?n? dinledikten sonra, ogluna ak?l vermeyi reddetmis ve iki hafta sonra geri gelmelerini soylemis. Diyet havas?na girmekle de alakal? olabilir ama hic bir diyeti tam uygulayamad?g?m? bastan belirteyim. By closing this banner , clicking on an area below or by going to another page on this site , you consent to the use of cookies .
Chiudendo questo banner, cliccando in un'area sottostante o accedendo ad un'altra pagina del sito, acconsenti all’uso dei cookie. For this reason I have put together 13 photographs of the people I believe to be the most inspirational figures of the last 100 years or so. He is renowned the world over for being an activist of peace and racial equality and after spending 27 years in prison as a political prisoner he spent his days working for racial equality around the world. They are credited with the creation of rock and have had more album sales than any other artist in history, including Elvis Presley. He is known to have invented the light bulb as well as film projectors and motion pictures.
This is quite a phenomenal title but reflects the fact that, far from being just a sportsperson, Ali was and is a man who has inspired millions to become better at what they do. She has millions of viewers and loyal fans and has reached fame by creating a day time talk show that is dedicated (mostly) to helping people around the world live better more holistic lives.

Whether or not this is true I do not know but Bruce Lee is certainly one of the biggest names of the last hundred years.
The rationale was that the 20th century will be remembered as the age of scientific innovation and among all scientists it is Einstein that remains the most popular and well respected.
His life was an example of what peaceful negotiations can achieve and as such he has become the figure head for morality and patience. He has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent approach to the Chinese lead invasion of his country and has traveled the world spreading the message of peace, compassion and ethics.
The environment is the defining issue of our age and I feel this puts him safely on the list.
A champion of non-violence and social justice, Gandhi captured the imagination of people all around the globe and set an example of principled leadership that continues to inspire people to this day.
By the time he was 40, Gandhi had become an international hero – a larger-than-life figure who reflected the better parts of human nature and urged us all to live up to a higher moral standard.
He grew up in a traditional middle-class family, where his father went off to work (as chief minister of the city), while his mother stayed home and ran the household, raising Mohandas and his two brothers and younger sister.
She was extremely devout in her religious beliefs and would often fast for long periods of time – a practice that clearly made an impression on him. Mohandas and his wife, Kasturba, built a life together (with four children), and they remained together until she died in 1944 from a heart attack. However, influenced by his father’s role in local politics, he was determined to follow a similar path, and, at the age of 18, attended the University of Bombay where he studied law. For instance, for a short while he abandoned his vegetarianism and began eating meat – hoping to be embraced as an English gentleman. His shyness, soft-spoken manner, and lack of confidence did not make a strong impression in the courtroom.
One day, while traveling by train, he experienced his first brush with racism – with a dramatic event that would change the course of his life.
Leading a campaign of civil disobedience, he objected to the harsh treatment of Indians through peaceful protests, letters to officials, and a bevy of petitions. The first time he employed this concept was in 1907, when he organized opposition against South Africa’s “Asiatic Registration Law,” which required that all Indians get fingerprinted and carry registered documents at all time. And by 1914, seven years later, it was repealed, proving that his path of non-violent resistance could work.
When the war finally ended in 1918, Gandhi refocused his efforts on issues of social justice. Insisting on non-violent action he launched the Non-cooperation Movement, which led to Indians boycotting British goods (such as cloths), and boycotting courts and councils.
British officials jailed him for sedition, threatening to keep him under arrest for many years. To purify himself, he began a 21-day fast, known as “The Great Fast.” Although the fast nearly killed him, it generated a lot of publicity and created a temporary peace between the British and Indians.
In 1928, he led a protest against a British law that forbade Indians from using any salt that was not bought from England, a law he felt especially hurt the poor. Once again, Gandhi demonstrated how powerful the non-violent approach to social change can be.
People were increasingly referring to him as a “holy man,” which he felt was inappropriate and misguided.
Five years later, he re-emerged to protest England’s assertion that India would fight alongside Britain during World War 2.
But over time, a great rift grew between India’s Hindu majority and its Muslim minority – due to concerns about who would rule and how power would be shared.
Amidst great publicity, he began fasting again, threatening to keep fasting until the fighting stopped – or he died.
Gandhi was shot to death on January 30th, 1948 by a disgruntled Hindu extremist who opposed the formation of Pakistan and partly blamed Gandhi for its creation.
In addition, his name is attached to India’s annual Gandhi Peace Prize, which is awarded to distinguished social workers and world leaders who demonstrate peaceful initiatives. Gandhi developed a powerful philosophy for non-violent political action –and he proved time after time that it was not just an idealistic notion, but a practical and effective one as well. Annenin amac?, dunyan?n en buyuk liderlerinden biri olan Gandhi’den yard?m istemekmis. Yine de ekmegi kesip (pizza ve makarnay? minimuma indirebiliyorum, kesemiyorum) onun yerine f?nd?k, f?st?k, badem yedigim zaman tatl?y? cok az ar?yorum, bunu farkettim. Se vuoi saperne di piu o negare il consenso a tutti o ad alcuni cookie, consulta la cookie policy. If there are any other inspiration figures that you think I should have included please leave a comment. Their music reached every corner of the globe and had a major impact on the upbringing of an entire generation of children.
His famous movie An Inconvenient Truth is going to leave an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of the next generation and as such he may have positively impacted the environment more than anyone else in history.
An extremely intelligent man, Edison also had wise words to say about politics, religion and metaphysics.
He is a celebrity who now works tirelessly for others both within and without of his sport.
She has been criticized for becoming too materialistic and consumer driven in recent years but in my opinion she still does amazing work for people all around the world.
America at the time was rife with racial intolerance and King lead the way to the beginning of a more fair and just society.

Many see him as inspiration for achieving greatness through martial arts and he is credited with popularizing martial arts films and practice in the USA. Great trust has been placed in him to take America and, indeed, the world to a new a better place since being voted in as President of the United States.
Without ever taking a break she exemplified the life of a Saint and was finally, following her death, given the title of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. Gandhi developed a philosophy of loving, non-violent action that he hoped would bring about a more peaceful and equitable world.
Since his father was a practicing Hindu and his mother was a devout Jain, the young Mohandas was raised to believe that all living things were valuable and should be respected.
After just one year, he left India to continue his studies in London, England, at the University College London, until his graduation in 1891. When he was given a chance to practice in South Africa, he gladly accepted the offer, hoping to hone his skills overseas, then come back and make a name for himself in India.
Although his success in fighting the Apartheid system was limited, this experience is what fueled his desire to become a committed, full-time advocate for human rights.
It was evidence, he believed, that people didn’t understand what he was really trying to do. British officials had never discussed the idea with Indian leaders, and it demonstrated a kind of arrogance that Gandhi and most other Indians found intolerable. The Muslims respected Gandhi as much as anyone and neither party wanted him to perish, so they promised Gandhi they would stop fighting. Over 2 million people attended Gandhi’s funeral, with a line of mourners stretching out 5 miles long. Oglu sekere bag?ml?ym?s ve sekere olan bu tutkusunu b?rakabilmesi icin Gandhi’nin yard?m?n? istiyormus.
Iki hafta sonra, geri gelmisler.  Gandhi, oglan? bir kenara cekmis ve bu kadar fazla seker yemeyi b?rakmas?n?n en dogrusu oldugunu soylemis. Bu hikayenin gercegi imami azam, neden bir yabanc?ya mal edilir, neden bizler yabanc?lara bu kadar deger veriyoruz?
As an aside fact, the Rumble in the Jungle boxing match in Africa between Ali and George Foreman was, until the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the most popular sporting event of all time. He was a staunch pacifist and it is said that he was permanently devastated that his scientific work was used to create the Atomic Bomb. In the photo above he is seen with Pandit Nehru a day before they were arrested for their peaceful protests.
For me she is the symbol of diligence and charitable effort – love without discrimination.
And in doing so, he became a role model for millions worldwide, motivating other activists to follow a similar path, including Martin Luther King Jr., Corazon Aquino, Cesar Chavez, and more. His parents followed a strict vegetarian diet, and they taught him that it was wrong to harm any living animal. But his path changed dramatically in South Africa, and it was there where he discovered his true calling.
He met with poor and working class citizens of India and became better acquainted with their daily struggles.
When Gandhi and his followers went down to the sea shore to collect salt from the ocean, defying the British law, he was arrested. After numerous disagreements and disputes, the English jailed Gandhi once again in 1942 – at the age of 73. And his legacy and the enormous impact he has had on the world will continue to influence many millions for centuries to come.
Later on he published an article imploring the USA not to seek a nuclear monopoly and asking that, instead, the UN should be equipped as the world’s nuclear power for the purpose of deterrence. He thought about running away from the problem and returning to India, where he had never personally seen this kind of racism. Gandhi, himself, was thrown in jail – in what would be the first of many arrests during his lifetime.
It was during this time that he was given the title “Mahatma,” meaning “great soul.” But Gandhi was never comfortable with the label, as he considered himself just an ordinary man. However, his followers, who numbered some 2,500-3,000, continued to demonstrate and protest. Ard?ndan, anne Gandhi’yi bir kenara cekip, merakla, neden bunu iki hafta sonra yapt?g?n? sormus. When the peaceful protestors were brutally beaten and arrested by British policemen and officers, it led to a worldwide outcry. The world was shocked, and many countries condemned England’s vicious treatment of the protesters.
And it was at this time that British officials finally promising to give the increasingly rebellious and troublesome country its freedom. So, England founded the country of Pakistan for Muslims to live apart from Hindus – taking land in the Western part of India and creating a new country from it. While Gandhi was initially against the partition of land, he eventually accepted it for the sake of peace.

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