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If you’re going for a bold, eye-catching look, check out some designs for tribal tattoos.
Once-majestic train stations, iconic steam and diesel locomotives, a vintage Pennsylvania farming railroad, and the nation’s oldest narrow-gauge railroad are among the top endangered U.S.
The NRHS Most At-Risk list, the first in an annual series, is a key element of the organization’s Legacy Initiative, a 12-point program designed to raise public awareness of and coordinate support for threatened railroad artifacts and resources. Below are detailed descriptions of each railroad landmark and contact information for its respective preservation group. Manufactured in 1919 by the American Locomotive Company in Richmond, VA, Atlantic Coast Line locomotive no. The Stewartstown Railroad is an example of a farmers' railroad that once served the agricultural and light manufacturing interests of a largely rural area of southern York County. The Stewartstown Railroad's long-term survival is threatened by a lien placed against it by a former shareholder. The engine is at risk due to outdoor display, where it is exposed to weather and occasional vandalism. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) Railroad depot in Duffields, WV, is a significant part of Jefferson County’s transportation and military history. A National Historic Landmark—the highest designation available in the United States—the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company is the country's oldest narrow gauge railroad. The railroad suspended operations in 1956 and was purchased by the Kovalchick family, which kept it operational as a tourist line; however, family members no longer wish to operate the line and are considering auction or scrapping.
Plans to reuse the facility have been in the works for five decades, and time is ticking away. Built during the “Gothic period” of heavyweight passenger cars, the Lion Gardiner served on the New York Central’s finest trains after World War I and through the 1940s. Founded in 1935, the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS) is a non-profit organization established to preserve and raise awareness of America’s railroad heritage. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The ancient art of body painting takes on new life in this collection of attractive tattoos. I had an arabian nights party at my house and offered these tattoos to all guests… the hype was incredible and the joy and laughter we got out of this was remarkable. Irish tattoos come in a great variety of styles, stemming from the rich and varied artistic traditions that are part of the Irish culture.
From Celtic tattoos to the classic Claddagh heart, to religious tattoos such as the Irish cross, these tattoos are a great way to celebrate your appreciation for Irish and Celtic heritage. Celtic art consists of beautiful and complex knotwork and stylized images taken from nature. This Celtic knotwork can also be found on Irish stonework that may date as far back as 400 BC. The Irish are very well aware of their Celtic heritage, but many Irish are also very religious. The word "shamrock" is derived from the Irish word seamrog, which means "little clover." It refers to a three-leafed white clover (which is really green but has white flowers), not the rare four-leaf clover often associated with good luck. Despite not being the "lucky" four-leaf clover, the shamrock and any clover represents good fortune in the Irish tradition. A four-leaf clover is extremely rare, that's why it became a symbol of luck: you must be extremely lucky to find one (you have 1 chance in 10,000). In tattoo designs, four-leaf clovers are often combined with other luck symbols, like a horseshoe.
As a tribute to her faithfulness and love, he designed what we now know as the Claddagh, a crowned heart held by two hands.
The third type of Irish tattoo is one that reflects the Irish folklore, which is related to both the Celtic and Christian traditions, yet distinct from both.

The Irish are very patriotic and tend to be rather sentimental about their love for their culture - which would explain the growing popularity of Irish tattoos. Back tattoos just might be perfect for you – since they can be as large or as small as you want, you can have nearly any design imaginable tattooed on your back.
The shape and size of the back makes it an excellent canvas for all kinds of tattoos – your tattoo artist can help you find a design to cover your shoulder, your neck, or even your entire back! The thick, clean lines will grab a lot of attention, and you’re sure to get many compliments from people who notice your tattoo.
The NRHS Legacy Initiative is designed to address these concerns by sharing ideas, boosting preservation capacity and presenting a unified voice for the railroad preservation movement. 1504 has significance as one of the few remaining engines constructed under the direction of the United States Railroad Administration; it was designated a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark in 1990. 1504 represents the plight of park locomotives across the nation left exposed to the elements, whose maintenance needs outpace the allotted resources. Seven significant railroad structures along the 7.4-mile line have been listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the line itself is eligible for inclusion in the National Register.
Although stored under a train shed and enclosed by fencing, time and elements have taken their toll.
The 1839 depot is believed to be the second oldest train station still standing in the U.S. Opened in 1856, the line winds through 31 miles of beautiful mountain scenery and remains virtually intact – including track, steam locomotives, cars and facilities. The East Broad Top Preservation Association is working to acquire and preserve the railroad.
Beaux Arts style was still in vogue but construction would utilize the latest in 20th Century steel-reinforced poured concrete.
Knowledge of the car’s existence (or significance) was not widespread, due to the lack of a national census of railroad artifacts.
Its plaster and brass details have either been removed by scavengers or damaged by vandals.
NRHS operates historic rail excursions and tours throughout North America and supports more than 150 regional chapters.
Included are 4 large henna-colored designs depicting clusters of flowers and leafy tendrils.
The Irish have a soulful, spiritual and very colorful culture - and Irish tattoo art reflects the full spectrum of it. In fact, the Irish commonly place a clover in the bride’s bouquet as well as in the groom’s boutonniere to ensure a happy union!
They can go almost anywhere – on an ankle, shoulder, lower back or even on the hand or foot. Patrick drew a simple Latin cross through the symbol of the stone circle, a motive readily adopted by his new converts. That Irish Claddagh tattoo on the pretty Colleen sitting next to you has its roots in a story from the early 16h century.
The fisherman was rescued by pirates unfortunately and was sold into slavery in western Africa.
A Claddagh tattoo may symbolize a romantic connection between two people or it may represent a strong bond of friendship that lasts through the years, that's why it's often used as a marriage tattoo. While Irish tattoos are common as body art in today's society, they embody the elements of an ancient and playful Celtic spirit. From tiny shoulder tattoos to full back pieces, there’s virually no limit to how you can express yourself! If you’re planning on getting a full back tattoo, though, be sure you can commit to several 4 to 6 hour tattoo sessions – some large tattoos take months to complete! Tribal elements can be woven into just about any design, including lower back and shoulder pieces, so it won’t be hard to find a design that works for you!

The coal-burning steam engine spent most of its career pulling passenger trains between Richmond and Jacksonville.
Once restored, the long-term goal is protection from the elements and possible relocation to a more visible site. After its inaugural run from Louisville to Nashville, the locomotive regularly powered the road’s flagship passenger trains.
An appropriate indoor restoration facility is not available at the museum nor is sufficient funding available. When completed, the depot will serve as a local museum and meeting venue with historic exhibits.
Also nestled in the remarkably unchanged landscape are villages and towns which sprang up during the early years of operation. The cost is $8 million and the EBTPA has received $2 million to date, allowing the purchase of a segment. The Lion Gardiner also has an important place in the railroad preservation movement: it was the dining car for “High Iron” excursion trips in the 1960s, which introduced countless rail enthusiasts to the concept of re-using historic railroad equipment for recreation. Currently, discussion has centered on renovating the grand building to host a trade processing center, convention center and casino, Detroit police headquarters and Michigan State police headquarters. During the past 10 years, the society has awarded more than $500,000 in railroad preservation grants; it also sponsors RailCamp, a summer orientation program offering high school youth hands-on experience in the railroad industry.
The Celts were an ancient people who once lived throughout Europe, settling in the British Isles around the time of the early Roman Empire.
Today's tattoo symbols draw on this ancient tradition and are a favorite motif for Irish tattoo designs.
Escaping a few years later, he returned to Ireland, expecting his betrothed to have married someone else. A golden harp with silver strings has been an Irish symbol from as early as the 13th century. It retains excellent historic architectural integrity for a building constructed in the early 19th century.
Yet the abandoned structure awaits an uncertain future, located among a maze of elevated railroad mainlines.
The Empire State Railway Museum, the Catskill Revitalization Corporation, and the Ulster and Delaware Railroad Historical Society are embarking on a partnership to stabilize, assess, and eventually restore the car for display or operation. It was listed in the Michigan Register of Historic Places in 1974 and in the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.
However the designs themselves are too intricate to copy using henna kit (the lines are very small) Not what I expected, but for what i payed and the quality, very pleased.
He was a wise man and used familiar objects to illustrate Christian principles to the Irish people. It is said he reached down, plucked a shamrock, and held it up to illustrate the Holy Trinity to the followers of pagan Celtic gods and goddesses. Donations can be sent to EBTPA, PO Box 585, DuBois, PA, 15801, or contact Larry Salone at (814) 946-0834. Vandals, pigeons, and the elements have thoroughly damaged this one time showpiece and its magnificent interior has been stripped. They were rather nasty customers with no qualms about doing in nosy people trying to heist their Lucky Charms. The rarity of the model, its 70 year-age and distinctive slanted-nose, as well as the historic L&N trains it pulled, qualifies it for the National Register of Historic Places.

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