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Each month, Tori (from That Pair of Crutches) guests posts on Show + Tell with her own spin on art in your home. Art is defined as something that is beautiful, appealing or of more than ordinary significance. Here are three simple art projects that you already have all the supplies for, can be done in less than an hour (combined!) and will instantly make your house feel more like your home. I cringe at the thought of putting holes through those beautiful, old photos, but it sure does make a gorgeous display!
Actually, a lot of those photos aren’t pinned, they just have pins REALLY close to them. Oh, I really adore what you’ve done with the old family photos, Tori, it looks lovely.

I’ve just moved in to a new apartment and I’ve got plenty of white walls to cover up, so I might give this a go! When I think of art in galleries, art that I want to fill my home, the art that is currently filling my home, the pieces usually fall into the first two categories.
Get your hands dirty. Grab some paints and a blank sheet of paper and get ready to make a mess. I just made a bunch of inexpensive ombre styled canvas paintings with the colors used in each room.
My husband and I are thinking of moving into a bigger apartment and I get excited about that.
Finger painting is one of the simplest  and most archaic forms of art, but when doen right, can look so great and adds a  nice, sentimental touch to your home.

Would you go to a gallery to see old family photos from someone else’s dusty photo albums?
Choose your favorite piece from your little artist and give it the care and attention you would an image created by any other accomplished artist. Filling your home with art you love and the people you love don’t have to be two separate things. But when I think of the pieces that I want to fill my home, it’s usually the ones that are only significant to my family members that I want to hold the spotlight.

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