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And for friendship to thrive and become stronger, communication, care and love are some of the ingredients both parties should keep. Here are some of the best friendship messages and friendship notes that you can express to your beloved friends.
Friends are like stars on a sky, They stay there even during the day, Hiding themselves under the sky, Friends are to be treasured! You are the uplifting and inspiring music that gives the right rhythm, melody and beat to my whole day. One of the best feelings in this world is crying so hard because of intense laughter while with your friends. Friendship is the only thing in this world that could make you lose your mind without ending up in the mental hospital. Being friends is the most crucial status: it is the thin line between being strangers and being lovers. A mere friend will talk to you respectfully but your real friends will insult you in every way possible without getting offended. Friendship don’t care about seasons, friendship don’t care about years, friendship is friendship until it is taken care of well! Friendship is like a tree giving you shelter when needed, Friendship is like a river giving you water when you are thirsty!

Choosing friends plays crucial role in who is going to stay forever and who is going to leave you in the middle. I may be hard headed There are times that we fight, we argue But I know that our friendship is stronger than that For that, I’m thankful.
Like I said earlier, text messaging is one of the most popular ways of expressing greetings and reminders to loved ones and dear ones. If you declare that a particular girl is a close friend, you automatically allow yourself to be hit solid on the arms when she sees her crush.
Choose friends that will influence your life well and will lead you to the right direction. Despite the imperfections, real friends love you anyway so you don’t have to conceal those. You were the one attacked, but your friends are more furious than you, then you forgot your anger because you were touched by their concern. This entry was posted in 365 days of gratitude, animal, bird, blog, illustration, nature on March 26, 2013 by Susa Talan.
Using your mobile phone, you can even send these friendship sms and quotes to their number to remind them that they are remembered even in your busiest day. Through SMS services, you can now let them know that you remember your friends even they are miles away.

But if you’re getting through the eye of a needle, only your true friends will join you.
Therefore, make your friends feel loved and remind them how important they are to you once in a while. Don’t forget to include your own personal friendship thank you letter with these messages. Remember, words coming from the heart are the best message you can include to any kind of card. An act of reminding them that you remember and care for them is one way to keep a friendship. They are there for you to laugh with, share happiness and blessings with, and enjoy precious moment together.
And even there’s no special occasion, you can let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

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