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Depuis quelques jours, je teste le couple videoprojecteur ACER H5630 + 3D Vision de Nvidia sur une GTX 460.
Cet extrait nous en dit long sur la qualite qui sera offerte par la future edition d’Avatar en Blu-ray 3D, ca s’annonce enorme ! Par rapport au different MKV Side By Side que je me suis fait (a partir de bluray3D) la qualite est excecrable, mais bon, en attandant une vrai version cela peux en satisfaire quelques un.
Sur ma HX900, l’image de cette demo etait tres reduite au niveau de la hauteur ( video lue avec ps3 media server ), est-ce normal ? I'll post the 1 frames right now (taken from a 480p convert found in the thread) and work on making 2 frame offsets using Nelon's 1080p. Note: moving stereoscopic may be hard to concentrate on than picture stills and will provide a different experience.
Caution: If you experience headaches or nausea, take a break for half an hour before trying again. I'm thinking for the 1080p stills, I'll customise them to have a black dot underneath the picture to better help align the pictures. It's much easier making an animated gif than trying to get people so see this the manual way.
Although cross-eyed 3D can be detrimental to your eyes, and anaglyph also has its downsides too.
If it's a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on. I put in the notes in the first post that the left image and the right image are off by at least 1 frame.
This time I'm organizing them into folders per scene, last time Windows could only show thumbnails for about 1,000 before stopping.

Using the exclusive 3d models of the high quality and professional tricks is a confident way for your promotion in the computer graphics, and the direct saving of your time and money. You can freely use the downloadable content as well as the informtaion from articles (tutorials) and 3d renderings (images) in your own private projects and scenes. You can NOT sell the any content from this site in modified or not modified form, as a standalone product or in the composition of the collections unless otherwise specified. The free 3d models and any files in downloadable archives (*.zip) are prohibited to use in commercial purposes. Any trademarks or logos are property of their respective owners, and are used for identification purposes only. The really fast action scenes can be too much on the eyes so I have to work hard to keep focused. Just after converting Nelon's 1080 to anaglyph, it was pretty harsh on the eyes when i took the glasses off lol.
I think in the article posted about a month or so ago that interviewed MB about 3D, he said that it was difficult to find a right medium to allow most people to enjoy 3D the way it should be, as not everyone's eyes are the same. In his left eye, things tend to have a slight green hue, while his other eye is a different color. Working with the materials from the site you can modify them at your own discretion as long as it is done for personal purposes. Using of RenderStuff 3d models as a reference for creating derivative 3d models and their further selling is prohibited.
You can NOT use the free 3d models in commercial or paid projects in modified or not modified form, unless otherwise specified. Malheureusement, les bonnes videos en 3D sont encore trop rares, je suis tombe sur beaucoup de semblants de 3D qui n’apportent finalement aucun interet.

Alors bien-sur, ne vous attendez pas a profiter de la meme qualite d’image que sur le Blu-ray 2D qui restera comme une reference, loin de la, mais le rendu 3D est tout a fait saisissant ! Soit, si vous  possedez le 3D Vision de Nvidia et que vous passez via le lecteur 3D Vision le convertir en AVI avec Avidemux ou autres. Each curve made by hand accentuate the wealth and greatness of an interior, making one want to touch. You cannot distribute in any way the derivative 3d models, made using any RenderStuff 3d model as a reference. Mais il faut bien avouer que meme le Side-by-Side (ou Top-and-Bottom) peut offrir un superbe rendu 3D lorsque la captation, ou la conversion ont ete realisees de mains de maitre ! Le resultat n’est pas exempte de tout defaut a cause de la captation + compression, mais certains passages offrent une superbe 3D. The internal cavities of the carvings mesh in the 3d model the wood has a character darkening while other it's parts are one dark brown color. The soft parts of the chair to seat and back upholstered with pearl silk fabric in a light and violet strips. The back legs of the chair are almost straight for more steadiness and the front cabriole legs have specific classic curves. This chair can be found in the decoration of the luxurious presence chambers, on the dignitaries receptions, and still it ideally fits the classic dining room area with the same style dining table.
This 3d model has a multilevel materials with according raster maps, which are mapped using UVW Unwrap.

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