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Our main and (long-term) mission is to give TrueArtists a new home far away from those irresponsible & untalented SCRATCHERS!
We have explored the inter-web to find the most craziest and most awesome tattoos for men and women.
We hand-picked the most amazing tattoos that could become a top pick for tattoo enthusiasts, and if you like 3d then you might as well check these stunning 3d tattoos that will definitely impress your fascination with tattoos that really looks awesome.
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Many in the tattoo crowd are dismayed at the idea of any machine replacing a genuine artist.
An Instructables user referring to himself as jwhitehouse wrote, “As a tattoo artist [I] find this an interesting experiment, but many decades away from a practical application.
A 3D printer tattooing the perfect circle is an awesome innovation, but it would have difficulty doing larger designs on a curved surface like an arm or shoulder blade.

A 3D printer is a long way from tattooing photo-realism or script on the curved, lower-back. Mike Beers, a tattoo fan in Michigan, said that after watching the video of the 3D printer tattooing, he noticed that it didn’t look like the hacked 3D printer was going to actually succeed in making its tattoo design perfectly circular.
We carefully hand-picked these fascinating full-sleeve, half-sleeve, skull to geometric tattoo designs that will astonish you with it’s stunning look .
Most tattoos are bigger than the quarter sized circle this is capable of producing, and a good stretch is essential to any good tattoo. These two photo-realism pieces from The Shop would be problematic for a machine to tattoo at this time. This tattoo, inked at Who’s Your Donny Tattoo, is on one of the areas prone to twitching.
These two tattoos from The Shop show how tattoo artists use varying needle thicknesses and multiple colors. Not satisfied with a mere washable design, after the event was over, the trio stuck with their innovation and took it skin-deep.

The three innovators tried different methods to make sure the skin was taut including using elastic bands and a metal ring.
The Shop’s owner noted that the innovation is very clever and he was amazed at how far they took it, but he hopes that next time the trio tattoos someone with their altered 3D printer, they pay closer attention to their cross-contamination prevention techniques. Ultimately, to tattoo the circle, the students used a tube on an open area where the 3D printer-turned-tattooist would ink the skin.
It would have to be [re-positioned multiple] times even to do a small name, and that would cause alignment problems. After extensive practice getting the robotic tattooist to ink on fake skin made of silicone, the trio were able to make the machine precise enough to actually ask for a volunteer to sit for a real tattoo.

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