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Youtube Announces Improvements to Copyright Claim System, But Does It Really Fix The Problem? We welcome thoughtful comments on articles, but please read our community guidelines before participating.
The beauty of the hand evident in Karzy Kat, Popeye, Alley Oop, Prince Valiant are not seen and as drawing practice based on everyday observation diminishes so will the art.
Plus it has way more heart put into it than just drawing objects correctly placed on top of each other. Blah can be a feeling.My images deal with concepts that may be beyond your emotional level or range of understanding. I am a painter that works daily in the studio, no longer teaching, but am still interested in the work of others for input into my own work and insight into our times. So strip into your time machine, put on your nostalgia goggles and join us for a trip down memory lane!
Call-A-NerdHave a nerdy question, a strong opinion about a comic you just read, or just plain lonely?
The image uses a shape as a field unrelated to the final design.The confusion as to whether it is stickers or hand drawn shows an ability but not creativity.

Remember, copying is a fundamental part of animation, inbetweening requires the ability to stay on model for lots and lots of drawing.
However Androidmation and you have a lot of support on your comments so I applied my concerns about drawing to the wrong situation. I don’t see many artists these days really drawing for themselves, but only to please other artists or to keep up with whats trendy. Our understanding of knowing we are someday going to die or fall, yet still trying to keep the house of cards from coming down. At twenty-something they hopefully are not, therefore I understand why you don’t relate.
As anyone knows who looks at Cartoon Brew regularly there is a high level of competition and it is helpful to be able to draw knowingly in most all cases.
As it is now known, and was my first belief, that it is a student who wants to be a graphic artist and not any average college student who is a fan of 90’s cartoon characters, it may be time to give him some feedback.
Plumber that a personal sketchbook is a better journal and place for self expression whatever the inspiration. Plus I’m pretty sure many of the 20 somethings that comment on the brew can relate to this, having made drawings on desk in the past myself.

So to be snobby and critical over what is recognized as a cool desk doodle is inappropriate. I was sorry neither one of them have sites so I could see what it is they do themselves so I could better understand the anger they shared with me.
It is just so sad to see someone reach a level and realize they have not created anything of their own even though their portfolio is full of work that shows ability but not their own ideas.
Everything from the superhero movement (Batman, Superman, Spider-man, X-men,etc) to the monster movement (Pokemon, Digimon and Monster Rancher).
The asinine superior pretentiousness attitude has done nothing but flourish here for the last few years.

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