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Do you want to try bodypaiting but are not sure where to start, what paints to use, which techniques work well, what brushes and sponges to use, what designs to try, how to find models etc.
As a commercial bodypainter you will be regularly asked to paint realistic clothes wether it be rugby strips, racing overalls or t-shirts with company logos Learn the techniques required to bodypaint realistic looking clothes onto your model. This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced bodypainters wishing to develop thier skills. Learn How to create an incredible optical illusion, how to make your model disappear completely into the background. She does take time out from her schedule, when possible, to teach her skills to other artists and aspiring artists.
Airbrush bodypainting is a fast and efficient way of painting your model and can create photo perfect results. This is one of the most difficult effects to achieve in bodypainting but when done well it is also one of the most breathtaking. If you would like to book a class in another location please contact us to discuss your requirements.

One of my friends was going to school for photography and she needed some help on a unique assignment. If the course you are interested in does not have a date shown please contact us with your request, it is sometimes possible to schedule extra dates or bring the course to your location. Experiment with some of the other media you can use in your work to add texture and interest to your designs. This class is suitable for Bodypainters and Facepainters alike with techniques that will add depth and wow factor to any design. The course provides a basic introduction to body art, what is possible, what to use in which circumstance and the answers to the other 50 questions you probably have! The images were popular among her classmates and online friends so I decided to look into this “body painting” thing. Emma's schedule does not allow us to programme events too far in advance and we do not always have dates for all courses.
You will use a variety of products to compliment your traditional water-based bodypaints including coloured liquid latex, mud, fullers earth, gold leaf, grease, oil and metallic powders etc.

This technique is used widely in Advertising, Film, Television, Pop promos and Fine Art Bodypainting. If you would like us to inform you when new courses are programmed please email us to join our mailing list.
The course will focus on the specific techniques and tricks to achieve these amazing looks yourself.
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