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Certain artists will limit the total number of colors utilized in a design, whereas others can be more liberal.
Our airbrush tattoo artists are skilled in the art of color blending and tattoo application.
We provide tons of Henna Tattoo options for your guests to choose from!  Everyone can pick a unique and fun tattoo! We provide a book filled with Airbrush tattoo designs!  Your guests will be able to choose from tons of tattoo options!
With over 20 years of experience, we put our clients first and make sure that all of their expectations are exceeded! After the design gets completed, the artist applies a thin layer of finishing spray or powder to aid the design to last longer. Our professional artists have plenty of designs to choose from, or can free-hand a custom design at your request.

Once the paste dries, it'll crack and fall off leaving the tattoo temporarily dyed onto the skin. We rock Califronia corporate events and have worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies such as NBC and COACH.
Today, airbrush tattoos closely resemble the real tattoos due to the constant development and research of the airbrush inks and equipment.
After all these aspects have been decided, the artist will begin his work of creating a beautiful airbrush tattoo for you. As tattoo colors and designs are usually pre determined, the tattoo artist may control the delicate aspects of the temporary airbrush tattoo when it is being put on.
Innovation, appearance and creativity offer you a detailed body art piece which seems like an actual tattoo. Hence, several people will not be able to make out the difference between airbrush tattoo and permanent tattoo.

You can make your airbrush art tattoo long lasting by keeping your tattoo as dry as possible by gently patting it dry. The initial step while getting an airbrush tattoo done is to select your stencil tattoo design pattern. A professional airbrush artist will already have created many stencil designs for you to select from.

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