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Lara Teperdjian Vice-President of Centre Stage Management (Organizer of the Festival) is determined to convince Dubai that it's okay to bang your head once in a while. The additional attractions to keep fans busy and entertained throughout the day included, among other things, a skatepark show, crazy rock hair designers, temporary airbrush tattoo artists, graffiti boards for budding artists to make their mark, and vendors of various rock paraphernalia. The song's lyrics glorified campaigns from the 11th to 13th centuries in which Christians tried to take land from Arab Muslims. Lara Teperdjian of Centre Stage Management is determined to convince Dubai that it's okay to bang your head once in a while. Personally, she admits nurturing a shameful fondness for Journey and REO Speedwagon before discovering Metallica at college in the States.
About the withdrawal of Saxon, Lara Teperdjian says that the band had not included Crusader in live shows since the 1980s.

The concert on 16 March 2006 at Dubai Country Club featured Megadeth, Testament, 3 Doors Down, Reel Big Fish and Mannikind.
Her continuing exploration of the further reaches of amplification is now assisted by Dubai's own underground rock scene, which alerted her to the passion hardcore rockers still feel for cult band Testament. The lyrics to the song Crusader have been taken totally out of context," the statement of Saxon released through organizers said.

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