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A selection of our favourite custom ink projects, which give you a flavour of our inky style of work. A selection leather art , private commissions, and a little look into how it is all created. Alchemical sleeveFull sleeve This inky design wraps around the arm, joining with a tree of life. The Yantra is a linear geometric figure that embodies in a symbol, the spoken chant or mantra. Featuring sacred geometry (Tree and flower of life) platonic solids, fibonacci spiral & all seeing eye. You may also like to read some of my previous posts discussing the meaning of sacred geometry symbols.
When it comes to tattoo designs that depict the beautiful nature in all its glory, cloud tattoos really stand supreme.

The cloud tattoos presented here are quite beautiful and realistic in their scenic depictions. From bottom to top along the line of the bass clef we placed a stylization of the path of Kamehameha, symbolizing a difficult path, the hammerhead shark motif (determination and tenacity) and a lizard (good luck).
The two chasing birds symbolize help from the dear ones and waves represent change, finally reaching up to the koru (new beginning, life) surrounded by a sun (positivity, success) whose rays are made of mountains (stability). The dots are made of an all-seeing eye (protection) and of a Marquesan cross (balance, union of the elements).
THE POLYNESIAN TATTOO HANDBOOKfinally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos! To see examples of my other custom work, look here Wolf symbolism blogCopyright: Punctured Artefact. These tattoos not only have a great aesthetic appeal, they can also have a deep personal meaning to the individual who sports them.

Including a pitcher plant, creeping vines, bird of paradise flower and leaf, orchids, fan palm leaves, cicadas, insect wings, split leaf philodendron & dragon scales plant. If sand is placed on a taut surface and the a€?auma€™ sound is chanted, the sand will vibrate and move into a yantra shape. Clouds have long been considered as the abode of the Gods in many cultures, especially in the myths of Greco-Roman civilizations. Puffy clouds with bright light would signify positivity and hopefulness, and stormy clouds were considered to be a harbinger of some bad news. These include blue clouds, red clouds, dark clouds, clouds with bright sunshine, clouds with the sun shining above them, clouds with the all-seeing eye, clouds and lightning, angel sitting or standing on a cloud as well as clouds along with the Cross.

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