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Ami was formerly on “Miami Ink” but now on his new show “NY Ink”, Are you a fan of the show? Wczoraj tak zesmy sobie podyskutowali, ze Kat wcale nie jest taka super tatuazystka- jak robi portret to zawsze cos jest nie tak- a to okczy za blisko, a to proporcje sie gubia. Ja ogladam od jakiegos czasu dosc regularnie Miami Ink, a wczoraj widzialam pierwszy raz LA Ink. A moj maz odmawia ogladania tego ze mna, bo twierdzi, ze to ohydne, ze ludzie sie tak oszpecaja. I was really lucky, because I got into this world of TV at the age of 33, and I would really have hated to see myself get into that world at 21 or 23. You know, I think a lot of people probably have that idea of how much reality is really reality. I jakos nie przypadlo mi do gustu, ale to moze tylko kwestia przyzwyczajenia do meskich twarzy na ekranie.

Niektore portrety Kat tez mi sie podobaja, aczkolwiek o niektorych mam takie zdanie jak upta.
I was a little more seasoned as a human being, and I was a lot less selfish and more of a grown man getting into it.
When I first signed up for the TV world, I was like, “Wow, this is gonna be easy, this is gonna be great — we’re gonna shoot some episodes.” And you think that this world is all about trying to get successful really fast, and you have all these dreams. As a kid, it would have probably destroyed my life, because knowing me at that age, I was a disaster. We know that when we come to work, everything needs to be high-pitch in order to get the best show that we can get. So I was really happy to be able to turn it into something positive and focus on my life and raise a family. Because if we were all to come in very mellow and very tired and worn out, the viewer would never connect with us.

And the longer you go at it, you realize that this is the most time-consuming venture you’ll ever get yourself into. And the guy who started this whole reality-TV tattoo craze is back for another season, starting at 9 p.m. So it’s not like we stop and say, “You gotta do this again and do that, and we want a fight scene.” They’re like, “You guys do what you do naturally, and when it happens, give it to us. Put your amp all the way up.’’ And it’s a little difficult, but after awhile you get used to it, and it becomes second nature. Ami James — who helped kick off Miami Ink in 2005 and still co-owns a tattoo shop in Miami Beach called Love Hate Tattoo — is the star of the second season of New York Ink, featuring a whole new cast and a whole new set of dramatic situations.

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