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Cool anchor tattoo with the saying I refuse to sink.  Good message to have when people are bringing you down and you refuse to give in to their influences. Anchor Tattoo meaning – hope (like a hibiscus), fresh start, salvation (like a lighthouse),  good luck (like a compass), stability, security (like a rhino), refusing to sink, etc. Meaning for couples: this is another way to show you have an wonderful relationship and you love each other.
Anchor Tattoo Placement ideas – on your ankle, behind your ear, on your foot, on your finger, on your wrist, under your eye, etc. Anchor Tattoos on celebrities – Miley Cyrus (her anchor tattoo was done by the tattoo artist Fabio Satori, from Brazil. A bright pink and black tattoo showing skulls, hearts and stars, frames love in a new fashion. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Back Tattoos, Buddhist Tattoos, Octopus Tattoo and Bird Cage Tattoos.

The hair of the maiden is decked with sea creatures, and she wears a gown of octopus tentacles. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Altough most people believe this tattoos are either for girls only, it doesn’t really matter. You see badass tattoos covering themes ranging from love, memories and mortality, to colors, sensuousness and freedom.
She has a moon tattoo too), Kelly Osbourne (she got an anchor tattoo on her hand), Zoe Kravitzetc, Zosia Mamet, etc.
An artistic memorial tattoo clubs butterfly wings with large eyes, suggesting a human face. Playful curves and long flowy lines, create a stylized figure tattoo with a tribal design inspiration.

This is why some people get this type of tattoos to honor if someone died recently (like a family member or a good friend). We are always open to new discussions and new comments about tattoos, symbolism and celebrity tattoos. You see mussels, jellyfish and starfish decking up her huge bun, giving the design a marine touch.

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