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And we bring to you yet another great tattoo idea - looks great on women but also has a ‘manly version’ (more of a dragon)!
As you can see clearly, the Dragon Tattoo above is exceedingly well done and in no shape or form seems feminine.
Think think think, and twist up the wings and come up with a mind blowing tattoo for yourself! In 2002, I was blessed with an angel whom we named, Noreen who was a special child having Holoprosencephaly- a very very rare disease where two hemispheres of brain are fused.
In 2007 I started listening to spiritual talks by sisiter shivani – “ Awakening with Brahmakumaris” . Ia€™m sure most of you will be glad to get that treasure: wings of angels and devils, fairy wings, tribal tattoo wings, various birda€™s wings and simple silhouettes. It in fact the complete opposite in this case and gives the person a very dominating image. The image seen above was taken almost right after the lady got the tattoo (hence all the red around the tattoo); once the tattoo ages in a few days, it will look even better! Once you visit the link and see, you’ll realize the scope of these angel wing tattoos!

I was a happy go lucky fellow who never took life seriously always indulging in light reading. This design itself is in fact extremely common and a modified and twisted version of this is often seen on people’s upper back. Be creative, think of different ways of changing this tattoo, and create a whole new unique and rare design! Whenever I needed some answers, I would find them one day I was asking HIM why my child was suffering so much? Soul has the capacity to receive vibration even if its external senses are not working properly.
If now somebody pities me for noni, I do not know how to tell them “ How LUCKY I have been to have Noreen!” she was and still is the Light which showed me the real path of life. The thing I regret the most is that I just listened to her but did not go to the centre to learn meditation myself.
If it would not have been for her , I would never have learnt in my 7 lives which I learnt in 7 years.
Before her, I was a very light sleeper and if somebody chance to disturb me, I would be sore for the day.

Now I had to visit the Rajyoga Centre to little the pain which bordered on shattering my very being. She is receiving her and is a very happy nearly 2 yr old angel again and lighting so many other lives with her innate radiance.
We both used to sleep for the most 2 hours at night and during the day my little angel would sleep but I had to look after my other 3 yr old sweet naughty boy. I got the required strength from some spiritual books which I would never have looked before. In and out of hospitals, not even stepping out of home for days together, 18 hours a day spent in just feeding her and her brother, taking her to some so called “alternative doctors” , visiting all the temples and praying to all the existing divine souls.

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