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Tattoos look good on all parts of body and it would not be an exaggeration to say that certain tattoos are known by the body parts on which they are carved. Among the designs that find prominent place on, around or below the ankle, flowers are most famous. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Feather Tattoos, Chicano Tattoos, Heidi Klum Tattoos and Colorful Tattoos. Graceful ankle tattoo, carved with initials of the wearer, flowers and stars that has pretty, feminine touch to it.
Symbol of union and long-lasting relationship; the lily looks adorable and catches quick attention of the onlookers. The flowers lend a feminine touch to the ankle band that is carved in a knotted form, that looks like a Celtic piece.
This is graceful black and grey tattoo having a single flower and vine, that is a symbol of attachment.
Ankle tattoo created with a dragon motif that looks cool and symbolizes wisdom, power and ferocity. Colorful flowers and butterflies woven together in a leafy looks sweet and is a simile for love and commitment.
The girl got her ankle carved with identical butterflies that is a mark of love for the bond shared by her and her twin sister. The pink flowers spreading from the ankle to the foot look elegant and have a soft and soothing touch, that pleases the eyes. This girl has got luscious legs that look more appealing with the dark ankle tattoo, that represents a seething dragon.
The mother got these two flowers on the ankle to express her love and adoration for her two kids. This is a lovely flowing tattoo running from the ankle to the foot that looks quite artistic as well.
The red cherry blossom flowers, embellished around the ankle are a symbol of sensuous, feminine beauty. Sober and nature inspired; this ankle tattoo has got a serene, soothing touch that suits the environmentalist wearer to a T. Carved on the ankle with black ink, this vine like tattoo looks very sweet and has got a superb dainty, girlish kind of touch. Blue and black, ankle tattoo, designed around the ankle, looks very decent and looks perfect on the girl’s leg. The eternal and the most romantic symbol of love; the red rose, looks very enchanting, sitting on the ankle of the girl. The green vine and the red flowers around it make for a charming portrait that is very endearing and sweet to look at. These three lilies are a symbol of the family of the wearer that consists of her husband, child and she herself. The girl got a tattoo for her lover on her ankle that bears his name and flowers, all around, reaching up to the foot. Pleasing tattoo piece, showing a large butterfly with flowers that is a symbol of love and companionship.
This pair of tattoos, having cherry blossom flower on ankle and leafy vine on foot, looks pretty together. This tattoo with stars and vine has got a quote along side that is not very clear but holds deep meaning for the wearer. This is beautiful and haunting ankle tattoo, that is quite distinct and pretty cool as well, showing nice creativity.

Carrying the word believe in a vine wrap with a dragonfly below, this tattoo symbolizes self belief that leads to transformation and ultimately success.
The daisies and the vine look sweet and symbolize innocence and gentleness; that is very much a part of feminine nature. The solo, pink and purple lily, engraved on the ankle looks sweet and is a symbol of eternal love.
This butterfly and the ten stars symbolize the surgeries the wearer has undergone and now she is quite fit and fine; just like the bubbly butterfly.
Flowers are a favorite of the girl and that is why most of their tattoos, including the ankle, presents the soft, natural and fragrant entity. The multi colored anklet with a heart tattoo below, looks super charming and symbolizes the love life of the dancer. Ankle wrap tattoo carved with a flower and triquetra that looks quite graceful in its sober and soothing form. Three flowers covering the ankle in a neat manner look cool and stand for the lovely family of three in which the wearer has got the role of mother. This girl has found out a stylish way to give shape to her name and date of birth through the ankle tattoo. The girl pays tribute to the Japanese culture through her cherry blossom tattoo carved around the ankle. Flowers are a pretty image that look cool as tattoo, especially the ankle tattoo, which is also the most popular design.
The sunflower tattoo in pair, etched below the ankle, looks pretty and stands for attachment and affection. This tattoo is different but quite delectable with a sweet traditional touch that is also a symbol that the wearer respects her tribal culture. The fragrant flowers look good and have a sweet and soothing touch that gives the ankle an alluring look.
Artistic ankle tattoo, carved with dark ink, looks adorable and has got amazing traditional touch. The three large flowers, etched along with stars look cute and symbolize that the wearer is a dreamy creature who also loves her family of three.
The numerous butterflies of different colors symbolize the colorful nature of freedom that is full of bliss. The flowers and butterflies look very bright and beautiful together and stand for the symbiotic relationship, lovers share.
This bracelet tattoo bearing a cross looks graceful and spiritual and also protects the wearer from evil powers. The tri colored flowers are a symbol of the three members of the family; the husband, wife and the child.
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Women may want a tattoo, but do not want it on a place like their arms or backs, so they decide to get it somewhere a little more discreet like their feet.
We promise you one thing though, once you get a look at these 13 Flirty Flower Foot Tattoos, you may decide that you can find a cool flower tattoo for your foot too!
This tattoo is a beautiful flower, and there is also a name on there, which can be the name of a child, a deceased friend, or even a boyfriend! Pink flowers are gorgeous, and this tattoo artist added some yellow stars to make the tattoo really special.

The top of the foot is not the only place on the foot a tattoo can be placed, this young woman put a Filigri flower on the side of her foot going around her ankle! These two white flowers look amazing, and located directly on the top of the foot, they are also very eye catching! Two girls can be best friends forever, and what better way to celebrate that friendship for life than to have matching pink flowers with leaves tattooed on their feet? Flowers can come in a rainbow of colors, and this foot tattoo is purple, and to highlight the flower, there are blue dots all around it! This tattoo is comprised of purple and pink flowers, and there are also little buds on the tattoo as well. This black and white flower is just growing and growing from the top of the foot down to the big toe! Three pink flowers are tattooed on the top of the foot, and the group together really looks both pretty and very feminine.
Not every flower tattoo has to be colored in, this tattoo is just a simple flower outline, and it looks great!
Some flower foot tattoos can be more along the side of the foot, just like this really beautiful pink tattoo.
These pink flowers have a vine with them, and the pink sparkles also add something to how beautiful this tattoo really is.
There are so many flowers to choose from for a tattoo on the foot, and this young woman wanted to go with something simple like a lovely red rose. If you liked this list of 13 Flirty Flower Foot Tattoos, then check out 22 Irresistible Drawing Ideas For Kids that need your attention, 24 Magnificent Monarch Butterfly Tattoo List For The Ones Looking For Something New, and Freak Out With 26 Finger Tattoo Ideas. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
Well, every tattoo related to a particular body part has got its own unique beauty and all of them look beautiful in their own right. The colorful, soft and natural entities look great around the ankle and since, there is a lot of variety in the flowers category itself, the ankle tattoos with flowers are so sought-after.
The best thing about this getting a flower tattoo is the fact that it will never die, and look its even growing up and around the ankle!
What makes this tattoo even more special is the fact that there is a beautiful butterfly on there as well!
Maybe later on, if the woman decides to add color, she does have that option, but is still is a great tattoo either way! Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. However, when it comes to tattoos that are pretty, feminine and very dainty, the ankle tattoos acquire the prime position. These tattoos have a sweet girlish look that is full of variety and oozes a luscious appeal.
If you are also looking for some ideas regarding the ankle tattoos, then it would be wise to take a look at this post that we have created. All you have to do is click one and you’ll be on a new page (and exciting list) in no time.

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