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In most garments the cost of materials used accounts for about 70 % of the cost of the garment and every inch saved reflects direcly on your bottom line. Since 2005, I haveĀ been a contributing editor with Rock and Ice magazine and have bylines in numerous national print publications and various online publications.
Drop me a line for copywriting inquiries or anything that has to do with climbing, writing or climbing writing. Save fabric at production stage with the best efficient marker layouts, pay in hundreds and save thousands. Not only does the marker maker have to place the patterns optimally on the fabric but also has to take into consideration the limitations of the fabrics and design requirements of the garment like plaid matching, mitering, chevroning etc. This software allows for quick and simple automation of model creation.Audaces Apparel is the leading model design software on the market and is known internationally as a springboard to automated manufacturing.

I write consumer catalogs, website content, workbooks, ads, blog posts, captions, you name it. Every cutting room parameter as well as fabric characteristics have to be accounted for while arriving at the optimal marker. It offers companies the safety they need to create patterns with precision, quickly grade bases, perform quality fits, and make better use of material.Audaces products focus on the ideal solution for the needs of every customer.
Our marker makers have the required experience to help you achieve substatial savings in your cutting room. For unbeatable savings, calculations down to the millimeter are possible in order to make an excellent fit.AUDACES COPROCESSORAudaces manufacturing solutions constitute a hardware platform - Coprocessor - and featured application (software).
The following are the technical specifications of the Audaces Coprocessor: mathematical RISC processor as an external peripheral unit, USB interface, and Windows compatibility.

Audaces Apparel uses the Audaces Coprocessor for critical mathematics and processing, without which this product would not work.ACCESS TYPESStandalone StationAccess to Pattern and Marker modules on a single computer. Audaces improves, innovates, and develops new technologies so you can work with the most modern of what's out on the fashion technology market.

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