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Most of the twelve zodiac signs are symbolized by animals, females or inanimate objects however Aquarius is somewhat rarer as this is the only one that has a male image representing it.
There has always been a considerable difference in male and female preferences when it comes to body art designs with many men opting for dark monochrome ink images rather than the vibrant colored inks favored by their female counterparts.
Therefore Aquarius tattoos for guys generally tend to offer more masculine designs as this eleventh sign of the astrological zodiac is signified by Ganymede, the water carrier. However, when it comes to Aquarius tattoos for men, many designs of this nature stick to the natural colors associated with the fundamental symbol of this sign, the water carrier and many zodiac designs of this kind are inked in related colors.

According to Greek mythology, he was a beautiful youth who attracted the attention of the God Zeus. These are often depicted in shades of blue and green, in particular aquamarine and turquoise to emulate the flowing waters associated with this image. The mighty God was so enamored with the young man that he abducted him from the earthly plain then granted him eternal youth and immortality as well as making him the official cupbearer to the gods. Aquarius is also deemed to be the pourer of the waters that flooded the Earth in the Great Flood myth.

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