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Names in Arabic - All about Names in Arabic calligraphy and Tattoo Designs, the alphabet, Inspirational styles, discover how to spell your name in Arabic. How To Tattooing black Tattoo - Get Your Dream Tattoo Artists create tattoos by injecting ink into a person's skin.
Tattooing is hot and even better when they are 3D tattoos Getting tattoos on ones body part is common today. Famous Man face tattoos FISH GHOST TATTOOS Ghost tattoos design Find out more free tattoos design in below link.
The tattoo design creates the sense of a lotus flower using nothing but Arabic calligraphy. The Arabic Script is the basis for one of the richest calligraphic artistic traditions in the world. The script is used in various forms to write Arabic, Persian (Farsi), Urdu, and several other languages.

People who are getting tattoo’s are aware of the kind of body transformation they are undergoing. There is some speculation that Rihanna’s side tattoo may be misspelled, similar to the Sanskrit prayer tattoo the Barbados babe had inked on her right hip in 2007. Whether the singer’s Arabic tattoo is spelled incorrectly or not, we’ll probably never know!
True to the traditional Arabic writing practice, the pop star’s Arabic tat is written from right to left.
The tattoo itself, however, is very un-traditional, since getting your body inked at all is considered unlawful in the Islam religion. Regardless, Arabic tattoos have become extremely popular among celebrities in the West, including our very own Rihanna, and actress Angelina Jolie.
Unfortunately, Arabic tattoos are also commonly misspelled or mistranslated among these same celebrities, due to the intricate nature of the Arabic language.

Clearly, the Arabic tattoo conveys a deep meaning for Rihanna, one that she doesn’t care to show off too often. All RiRi’s tattoos seem to have an important meaning for her, and even if we do only catch a few glimpses of Rihanna’s ribcage tattoo, we like what we see! Rihanna loves tattoos, and her new tattoos continue to inspire her fans, leaving them wondering what awesome ink she’ll get next!

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