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Arabic tattoos are quite the in-thing nowadays as more and more people are opting to get them inked on their bodies.
As well as being known for her incredible music career, Rihanna is fast becoming a tattoo style icon. With 20 plus tattoos all across her body, ita€™s safe to say that Rihanna is no stranger to a bit of body art. While her many tattoos may look random, they are in fact anything but; each and every one of her intricate tattoos has a meaning behind it. The musical notes on the front of Rihannaa€™s right foot was the very first tattoo she got done. In 2012, Rihanna covered up her first tattoo of musical notes and replaced them with a large Egyptian falcon. After she had it done, she tweeted a picture along with the words “Falcon: A light that shines in the darkness!
Across Rihannaa€™s left ribcage is an Arabic message that translates as a€?Freedom of Goda€™ and is done in traditional Arabic script. The tattoo itself is very untraditional, however, as Islam considers tattoos to be somewhat unlawful and shuns the practice. It is believed that the Pisces sign behind Rihannaa€™s right ear was the second tattoo she had done a€“ also during 2006.
Of all Rihannaa€™s tattoos, she claims that the outline of a star on her inner left ear was the most painful one to get. While the tattoo doesna€™t hold any symbolic meaning, ita€™s still a celebration of Rihannaa€™s life and of her best friend. On the back of Rihannaa€™s left ankle sits a quirky skull and the tattoo is one of Rihanna’s few tattoos to contain colour.
The stars that trail down the back of Rihannaa€™s neck are perhaps the most famous of her tattoos.

The stars were inked when Rihanna was still in a relationship with singer Chris Brown; he also had a trio of stars tattooed as a symbol of their unity.
Written in mirrored script on Rihannaa€™s right collar bone, just above her breast, is her personal motto: Never a Failure, Always a Lesson.
The self-motivating quote is meant to remind Rihanna of why we face hardships every time she looks in the mirror, inspiring her to stay strong through hard times.
Stretching from just above her waist to the top of Rihannaa€™s right hip is a beautiful looking ancient Sanskrit prayer. Rihanna has several ancient Egyptian tattoos across her body but perhaps the most famed is the tattoo of Queen Nefertiti that she has inked on her left ribcage alongside her breasts. Rihannaa€™s passion for tattoos shows no sign of fading any time soon so therea€™s little doubt that wea€™ll see her collection of ink grow in the years to come. If you want to step up your beauty game and finally get rid of acne, check out our list of best acne products on the market. Learning how to remove waterproof mascara can be very difficult, as it’s notoriously stubborn to break down and remove completely. Being in your twenties may seem like the golden years as a teen, but your mid-twenties are far lessa€¦pleasing.
If you want to step up your beauty game and finally get the tan of your dreams, check out our list of best self tanners on the market. With more celebs such as Angelina Jolie and Rihanna getting Arabic tattoos done on them, it has surely caught on as a popular trend among the masses.
She simply loves the feel of going under the needle and is passionate about expressing herself through this permanent form of art. It is believed that she had the tattoo done sometime in 2006 and, as you may well have guessed, it is a tribute to her very first steps in the music industry as well as her love and passion for music.
Having had a rough childhood, each of her tattoos is a representation of the freedom shea€™s found as an adult.

Again, the meaning of this tattoo is fairly straightforward and is simply a celebration of the astrological sign and the influences she believes to influence her personality. However, this is somewhat neutralized by the pink hair bow that sits atop the skull representing Rihanna as a strong, fearsome person with a soft, girly edge. However, in time, Rihanna had the tattoo extended so that the stars flowed across her right shoulder blade, too. The ancient queen is a symbol of true beauty and iconic vision a€“ two things Rihanna truly believes in. Each and every one of her tattoos has a meaning behind it a€“ some of them extremely obvious and some of them incredibly personal.
Like most of us, Nichola spends way too much time surfing the web, mostly reading blogs on the weird and wonderful or rumours of who's got the lead role in next years hottest films. We have the ultimate guide to best skin care products for all skin types that will teach you how to love your skin and achieve that amazing complexion. As Arabic is generally not known to many people in the west, the tattoos that are done in this language give the wearer an exotic and mysterious appeal.
For some people, Arabic tattoos can have a personal significance as they may have parental lineage that goes back to certain Arabic-speaking countries.
Alternatively, one may have developed a bond with these countries by spending there a nice holiday.
As the Arabic script is very elegant and artistic, people also love to get tattoos that are in English but written in Arabic font style.

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