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But in addition to a new camouflage, the ACU will feature several design changes based on soldier feedback, according to Col.
It only took over a decade and a few hundred million dollars, but the army finally seems to gotten it right. It is useful to know the unit of the person with whom one is dealing or discussing an issue.
Got a brand new set with a shattered button on the cuff, replaced it myself in five minutes.
That’s always puzzled me about your forces, the National Flag I can understand but why service name tapes?
The only problem that I ever had with the pen pockets are when the lowest bidder stitched them over the forearm, as opposed to the outside of the arm.
The reason for taking the pen pockets off of the chest is that they can not be reached under multiple layers or body armor. POGs usually do not understand this issue because they never experience the problems that made moving the pens a good idea.
I just hope that the lowest bidder who is making this round of uniforms knows where the back of the forearm is. The black boots seemed to work pretty and they could be shined so that on occasion, like a parade or inspection, what was on peoples feet looked profession. I thought I had heard somewhere they were going to come out with light and dark variations for desert and jungle environments as well. Crye Precision (the company that owns the MultiCam pattern) has added Tropic, Arid, Snow and Black MultiCam patterns.

I agree that the Mandarin Collar was about the dumbest thing I have ever seen and never saw it used.
And BTW,this new pattern that is designed to work well across multiple operating environments ? It should be the BDDCU or BDDCCU either Battle Dress Desert Combat Uniform or Battle Dress Desert Camouflage Uniform. Army rolled out its plan today to outfit every soldier with Army Combat Uniforms in the new Operational Camouflage Pattern. He traveled to Afghanistan and Iraq numerous times from 2002 to 2008, covering infantry units in combat.
In the field, a glance at the unit patch can orient the conversation in the right direction tremendously. Worth every bit of 100 million dollars and 10 years of expensive studies and reams of decision papers! I have heard Multicam or Scorpion W2 or whatever you want to call this pattern alot of things but pixelated is not one of them. When not dawning the vest, and out on leave, the breast pockets can serve the exact same function. Army” logo instead of the USMC logo ink-stamped on the left front jacket pocket, and drive on…? Uniform officials have sewn up the elbow and knee pad pockets but left the extra layer of material for double reinforcement.
A pixel pattern example would be the UCP, MARPAT, AOR 1, AOR 2, and the Navy water camo stuff.

With all the improvments to vest loadouts, you can stick your pen into one of the pouches, or in some unused crevest anywhere. Crye Precision developed Scorpion W2 for the Army and the Army holds the pattern on the design which means the Army will not be paying Crye Precision Around $10 a uniform to use Multicam if I recall correctly.
Velcro is not going away and is only realy on the sleeves as they’ve removed it from the rest of the uniform. Obviously you lost on the collar issue, since most didn’t fold the collar up to begin with.
Next thing we’ll see is all Funda gap old timers crying about how they miss the pointless black boots and polishing BS. I’m ok with the unit being Velcro but your flag and branch and name should be sewed on unless you are SF or Ranger. You don’t even have to sew them in, if it really somehow kills you to figure out how to sew. What do you think happens after that shit goes through several dozen washes and spin dry cycles?
I’m not championing for spit shined boots, but a black suede would be appropriate in concert with the decent woodland pattern they have. Not the unkept rags that was seen with the first gen ACUs, and the god awful abomination UCP!

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